weird faces

Plz to be putting a shirt on, Arse-nal fan

Wendi Nix is apparently reporting from outside the hospital where she just pulled 12 hours in her side job as an RN

I cannot imagine Christ ever made this expression while on Earth

Oh, Lesley.

It’s an annual tradition, the “Joe & Troy look hung over” screencap

I used this as the video poster image, but it deserves to be its own HD screencap. BLAKE GRIFFIN DUNKFACE

I think dude on the left went into the bathroom with Brett Favre at halftime

whoa whoa whoa Tracy Porter what is up with that hair

Rich people love sandwiches!

The Gunslinger looks like he’s visited a dealer who slings other products

By /r/ Arian Foster’s “haircut”

Who’s excited for the Jacksonville Giants! This guy:

No Al Michaels today, so you get TOM HAMMOND FACE

Here’s two Sam Houston State fans dressed as BearKats, as /r/ by @amandarykoff

Classic NBA reaction image

Do they buy their makeup in 5-gallon buckets? Jiminy Cricket that’s a lot

Lou Holtz: The Future Erin Andrews

Oh man, Depaul fans, haha

This is perhaps the greatest screencap ever, starring @edsbs & @ClayTravisBGID “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”

I think I found the Clemson fan who chewed mescaline before the game

Too distracted by his crooked tie to answer

I find these David Aldridge segments so disquieting. He always looks like he’s being held captive by a cell of terrorist lawyers

Dick Vitale: “Why is this Bridgestone endorsement not listed on ESPN’s official list of commentator sponsorships?”

GADHAFI LIVES! And is a Cornhuskers fan

Broncos fans are weird. This is like Mos Eisley Cantina

Dick Stockton, everyone

Excited Auburn fan is excited.

Good lord what happened to this woman

Young Stan Smith, Auburn fan

There were a lot of /r/ for this Hawkeye fan

Johny Hendricks: excited.

Yes, Faber definitely looks like one of the toughest men on the planet

Seriously surprised at NBA League Pass on Roku quality. Better than the crap you get on the actual cable subscription

I had no idea Pat was Welsh

BREAKING: Drew Brees’ birthmark is contagious

What’s with the Mike Tirico EXTREME CLOSEUP


Groucho Marx glasses, still relevant in 2011

UNC fan is going nuts. Why? GIF incoming

Kornheiser, beefy



Troy Aikman wears pleather

Wimp Sanderson is easily the crankiest basketball commentator on the planet. He is the anti-Dickie V.

They have to put that cordon up or else Dan Dakich’s female fans would ravage him

Reggie Howard has some complicated hair

By /r/ Joe Flacco’s lame attempt to emulate Aaron Rodgers

Nice to see one of Tebow’s old friends in the crowd. I don’t know which wise man he is, though I bet it’s the one who brought myrrh.


I know the Patriots are into small-sized players but signing Prince is a bit ridiculous

It’s a national championship game, but the players are mostly Anonymous

Guy Boucher is horrified by something


I see Alex Flanagan has since put on a jacket.

Santa wears Polo cashmere sweaters


Eli Manning just bought a Toyota! OH WHAT A FEELING!

You wish you got YOUR morning traffic from “Amanda Zitzman”

ESPNU aspect ratio fail makes Chris Mack look like a Conehead

This is relevant to my interests

And Tom Crean.. uh


The future is safe in this cadet’s hands

Michael Irvin is cold y’all

I told you those band kids were weird

Aww, @carterespn & Brock Huard are sporting the required Hawaiian shirts. SO CUTE also Brock is threatening Carter again

Buckeye fans make inbred SEC jokes, but it’s the Nut House whose occupants all appear chromosomally challenged

It was at that moment Gene Smith saw God.

Addicted to huffing but love the Sooners? Buy crimson spraypaint

Costas wearing a terrible jacket for TV tonight

I guess they have Jersey Shore in Canada, too. I think the one on the left is Snooki

Clearly this young woman loves the ‘Cocks

As always, the Apple Cup is college football’s most exciting game. Why, look at this fan!


Future Washtenaw Community College student

Joe Girardi discovers to his surprise he was 2006 NL Manager of the year

It’s thick with derp

This man is clearly a plant, no real WVU fan would have teeth like this

Anthony Davis’ unibrow is just gross

2011 November 15 22 4 0

Man, that is an unfortunate glare on Costas’ glasses




Even on the day of the BIGGEST GAME EVAR, Nick Saban still creepystares into the camera

Fear the beards

Hey, it’s vaguely Master Chiefian Colorado fan again

Alabama GameDay update: Nobody there. Completely empty. TUSCALOOSA WHERE ARE YOU:

Yes, this is going under “weird faces”

Sun Sports running a “Physics of Hockey” show w/USF professor, it’s like Sport Science except with actual science

Look at his face! I don’t think he’s using his hands to ring that bell

Caps fan finds a bit too much gratification in hockey

I wish I could say this is an inaccurate representation of Toledo students. I cannot

2011 October 31 9 57 3

2011 October 29 23 34 15

GIF incoming but for now enjoy your Heismanic Snot Rocket

2011 October 29 22 50 48

Whatever, it gave us KIFFYKINS DERPFACE

2011 October 29 20 10 13

I have no idea why @KSJ49 wanted a screencap of Holly Rowe, but here

2011 October 29 17 44 37

Cowgirl kitten

2011 October 29 12 43 26

Overly-hairy Marshall fan with scary teeth! I know that’s usually redundant but

2011 October 28 23 52 20

I cannot believe after how much we made fun of it last year they are still using the condom hats

2011 October 28 22 6 54

Oh, I wish this could be the image to represent this whole World Series. A run-saving play with added derpness

2011 October 28 20 37 58

Holland’s pubestache is icky, but this is the grossest facial–and by that I mean neck–hair of the World Seri

2011 October 28 20 3 46

Joe Buck’s game 7 mood: ORGASMIC!

2011 October 27 21 43 25


2011 October 27 20 29 0

Augustana’s coach is sporting a mighty ‘stache

2011 October 27 20 1 45

Joe Buck’s mood tonight: smug

2011 October 24 20 2 8

Tonight’s Joe Buck mood: vaudevillian

2011 October 23 20 1 50

Tonight’s Joe Buck mood: tired

2011 October 23 16 26 4

Tebow brought to tears

2011 October 23 12 57 0

Never let a moose wear plaid

2011 October 23 12 21 50

Good god Michael Irvin is dressed like a Dick Tracy villain

2011 October 23 12 12 31

Shannon Sharpe has raided my closet! Brown corduroy and pink

2011 October 23 0 24 24

The further downward Petros Papadakis’ career slides, the more I like him

2011 October 22 22 26 58

Larry King’s really let himself go

2011 October 22 21 55 19

Don’t mock the SUNBEAST. The ‘Belt brings with it exclusive sponsorship from GOLDEN FLAKE

2011 October 22 20 2 13

Look out y’all, Joe Buck dropped some ketamine tonight

2011 October 22 19 55 23

Representing Texas’ homeless population, Ronnie Dunn!

2011 October 22 19 47 30

Bah GAWD it really is the official haircut of the SEC

2011 October 22 19 14 47

Someday, Akron will qualify as a university by its name and not “an Ohio college”

2011 October 22 18 44 30

Dabo Swinney is not the craziest person in this image