weird faces

BASS MASTERS: NCAA tournament edition


Your first in the series of people’s future Don Draper avatars

Thunder fans: kings (and queens) of the weird face

You waited a long time for a glimpse of Joan. So, uh, here’s our first glimpse

Final Four Dancing

No inbreeding jokes

DANGER…DANGER John Groce is making Groceface.

Canadian security guards have the best haircuts

Derp And Derper, Providence College edition

Bo Ryan: goldmine

This Craig Sager screencap is not about his clothes, which should tell you how great it is

The most Matt Painter screencap that ever Matt Painter’d.

ATTENTION: Kansas Band.

I found the father of weird face Bama kid, and he’s a Jayhawks fan

This is Ohio University president Rod McDavis. I think he’s a bit excited

“I’m calling time out AS HARD AS I CAN.”

Majerusface /r/ @tbailey

I’d figure Bootsy would teach his son to play something better than trombone, but whatever

And yes, here is Pitino with bunny ears.

One of the Hanson brothers is a saxophone player in OSU’s band, I see

Ohio State has an excited tromboner.

The FA Cup brings out the most in people

Notre Damebro checks his breath

That’s quality Patriot League tongue, there

That is one dedicated Franciscan

UC Freaks

There’s all kinds of weird hair here, Kentucky people


Obama was awfully concerned about whether that last shot counted or not. Did he have WKU -3?

DJ Jim Nantz loves mustache guy

Tom Crean is a screencap goldmine, and this is the best ever

JTIII: “Please don’t make us play Ohio again.”

Dunno who this guy on NBC Sports is, but as @95Sports noted he doesn’t know how to hold a mic

Kentucky has the weirdest cosplayers ever

BREAKING: Bob Knight caught smiling in response to Lamar winning the Southland tourney

WHY SO SERIOUS @bradlocke

The best Bo Ryan image ever taken



Frank Martin: shocked

Montana’s bench is really enjoying this, except the guy in the middle who got hit in the nuts

Bucknell fan’s mustache is so epic the rest of his face has to hide in shame

I find this young man’s haircut confusing

Catamounts fans: excited

Wearing a pie, wearing a pie, why is this guy wearing a pie

Oral Roberts wat

This is the most Ben Stiller-Christine Taylor screencap ever

LeBron wanted no part of beef

I kind of expected her to resemble a character from Flatland

Everything about this is Milwaukee

They barely showed him, but here’s your shirtless Kent fan, @margie324

Look you guys! Elijah Dukes!

Is that Rick Rubin at the US-Italy match!?

At least one of you can do great things with this John Goodman screencap

That’s not sweat, Cee-Lo perspires pure Sprite

Dem’s some interesting chompers, Suarez

Sr. Rubio esta muy feliz estar aqui


Blake Griffin’s had this expression on his face the entire game, unchanged. Kind of creeped out at this point.

By /r/, Mike Milbury looking like a dork in sunglasses

USM’s Jonathan Mills carries his jersey with him on the back of his head

By /r/, excited NC State fan from the first half

In flagrante delicto!

FACES FACES EVERYWHERE (especially Billy Donovan’s)


(Bruce is singing a song about needing to fart real bad.)

Mike Breen’s expression here is really freaking me out

I see Carlos Boozer is an avid fan of Ron Popeil’s spray-on hair product GLH

WMU’s Matt Stainbrook is one goofy-lookin’ brother

Nick Saban really should not attempt to smile, because this happens

Utah State fans… just… Utah State fans. wow

This is what happens when you put @GottliebShow on TV at 11am


Seriously, what happened to Jim Lampley

Oh god, this Alabama fan is the scariest thing you will ever see, ever

I think someone’s been consuming illicit caffeine

Bron Bron in the spectacles!

Benoît Assou-Ekotto ‘fro alert (/r/ @CEs_Mustache)

USF fan has no shame

Oklahoma’s coach has some Big (12) hair

Let your hands/Guide the ball where it wants to BEEEEEEEE/If behind the arc/Then they will count it THREEEE

This young Marshall fan is perhaps a bit too fabulous

Mike Reghi in HD, truly this is a wonderful world in which we live

Company policy, screencap everyone I follow on Twitter who appears on TV, so here’s @keithlaw

Feel free to decide for yourself what Steve Nash is doing here

The Unibrow is auditioning for a role as an eel at the Lexington Aquarium

I don’t think Mitch Daniels knew he was going to have visitors tonight

Lieber Man’s secret power is lumps

Boehner officially has darker skin than President Obama himself


You no look so good Eli

Somebody remind me who this unique-looking 49ers coach is

That’s quite the Manningface

Your final “Joe Buck appears concerned about Troy Aikman’s drinking” screencap of the season

Jim Rome, evil genius, plots to take over the world from his lair

I believe the kids call this a “rusty trombone”

Nevada has some WACky fans

Maybe the #USMNT shouldn’t have hired a zombie coach

Mike Breyface

“Lord Vader, you’ve… changed.”

I see folk music anti-star Jandek is making a rare public appearance, & is a Texas Tech fan

>Jazz fans

Oh man, Bill Self

I think @Buck and Aikman are cold.

Some quality derpface from Joe Flacco here

i like Wally Szczerbiak as much as it’s possible to be a Bobcat & like a RedHawk but dude looks like a Geico Caveman

I often feel this way when Jim Nantz is talking

ATTN: OBC in a sportcoat, making weird faces

Charlie Coles: perpetually confused

Not the most flattering angle of this Charlotte fan

OMG Derek Holland’s hair


Butler people, I demand you explain this man’s hair ht @KSJ49

Here is a large man in a sweater vest hugging Nick Saban

No goggles for Hansbrough :-(

Steven Gerrard has begun his transformation into The Hulk

I said it last season, I’ll say it again–no fans make weirder faces than Trail Blazers fans

Nick Saban is smiling, 2012 is real

Nice try with the beard Thierry Henry but the Arsenal kit is a better disguise