I don’t know on what program Thane Camus is a TV personality, but I want to watch it

Because everyone gets derpface’d, here’s @gangrey

Here’s tonight’s Joe Buck & Tim McCarver family portrait

Wow, apparently having milk poured on your head bleaches your hair

Switched my Al-Jazeera feed to NHK just now. First thing I saw tells me I made the right choice:

These cannot possibly be this man’s actual glasses

These kids are reacting appropriately to Dioner Navarro hitting his third homer

Roy Hibbert, demon of the glass

New Yorker

For those curious what the announcing team for an Ultimate broadcast on ESPN looks like:

I was at the Rays game earlier, so I missed giving you your Buck-McCarver family portrait of the day:

Dig this Mississippi State fan.

Hey guys look it’s @mattufford

Depressing screencap alert

This guy is NOT IMPRESSED by Selena Gomez’s singing

This is why you don’t give children caffeine

Today’s Fox family portrait is Dick Stockton & Brian Anderson.

Failed Kevin Durant is looking into your soul

Roger Federer got a haircut, guys:

The UK version of The Apprentice features some amazing eyebrows.

Oh, great! This is what we have to look forward to after the game.

Today’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

Where to start!? The AMAZING mustache,, or the “O’s Before Hoes” shirt?

Dude on CNN right now has some amazing hair


Best draft moment ever

Family portrait time again! Here’s Kenny Albert & Tim McCarver.

Oh lord this Warriors fan

Bills fans.

Berman looking sharp tonight

Because everybody gets derpfaced, here’s my Gawker colleague @AdrianChen


SportsNet captured some unique Blue Jays fans tonight

Chris Hansen looks a little rough these days, guys


Check it out guys it’s @jonahkeri

Meanwhile, Tim McCarver wears his scarf like a cape.

I think Nolan Ryan is a bit cold.

Important Stan screencaps

Pete’s sideburns are truly regrettable

The derpface is strong in tonight’s ESPN baseball crew.

This guy is more awesome than you will ever be

Chip Caray & Joe Simpson are ready for baseball.

The Joy Of Dirk

Billy Donovanface

Was unaware Florida had its own version of Big Nut

Zombie Harbaugh!!!

Friendly-looking cheerleaders you got there, Syracuse

I can’t help myself.

SUPER SAIYAN! (With a mustache??)

The most Brad Stevens screencap there ever was.

Rachel Nicholsface



This man appears to be cold.

Andy Kennedy reacts to seeing Marshall Henderson’s Twitter account for the first time:


Nessler seeks deliverance from SEC basketball.

Sometimes my video feeds freeze at perfect times

JT is one of the best SNL hosts of all time, Exhibit A: