weird faces

This man appears to be cold.

Andy Kennedy reacts to seeing Marshall Henderson’s Twitter account for the first time:


Nessler seeks deliverance from SEC basketball.

Sometimes my video feeds freeze at perfect times

JT is one of the best SNL hosts of all time, Exhibit A:

I don’t think Danica Patrick cared much for this question

Just now realized they got @bomani_jones a proper studio & thus he can wear great jackets like this one w/o moire-ing


I actually think the Sandra Bullock screencap is better:

Big screwup by the director, they were supposed to show Tarantino but it looks like they showed Jim Belushi

Everybody gets derpface’d. Here’s @meredithshiner

Oh god these Michigan fans

Actually this is a much better screencap of that gentleman

Price Is Right weird face

Where’s your car phone, preppie

This man is wearing his hair as a hat.

The ring announcer for tonight’s Friday Night Fights had one of the most amazing ponytails I have ever seen

Manhattan fans

Celticsfan Freakoutlady

Reali, as he does every year on this day, appearing with his ashes intact

This guy.

Ladies & gents, I bring you the #SOTU TripleDerp:

Weird faces



Cowher is literally looking down his nose at Vernon Davis

South Africa has bros. Boeros?

You write the P.J. Carlesimo caption

They found an actual time traveler to talk about what beer was like in the 70s:

These are not Bama Bangs

Side benefit of the ESPN take on an unsuspecting Schlereth is this grimace:

Mustache, bow tie, and sweater vested broadcaster alert


That chin you see in the upper right belongs to @nczeitgeist

There are a lot of weird faces in this, but @petegaines finds the guy in all black especially scary

.@jackdickey, everyone:

Bidenface, y’all

PAWWWWWL Why’s a proud Razorback like Bubba wearing the Bear’s houndstooth


Almost forgot: here’s your Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait

Oh man, Mavericks fan with small children making a weird face and doing .. the shocker?

That is quite the haircut

Totally normal looking Claire Danes

Here is your Buck-Aikman family portrait btw


This is what Curt Schilling elects to wear on television

Splash your Sabanface wherever you like


Get a good glimpse of this because it’s the last time you’ll see the Browns in a championship game in a long time:

Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:


Patrick & Cunningham started their New Year’s celebrations early.


I can’t figure out if Cowboys fan is smiling or…

Today’s portrait of Joe Buck & Troy Aikman is truly horrifying.

Here come the mustache gangsters.

Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikrman family portrait:


Charles Barkley, everybody

Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

Thanks to the HBO Larry Merchant retrospective, we now have an HD screencap of his greatest moment.

Finally had a chance to go back and find today’s BUCK-AIKMAN FAMILY PORTRAIT!


For whatever reason I find this Penn student amusing

The Nebraska Three Stooges:



Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

Meanwhile, Alexi Lalas shaved his mustache off DURING THE MLS CUP:

Murray had 0.15 seconds to prepare for the hit. Here is his face in that 0.15 seconds

You need more Joey Harrington in your diet

Plumlee is the Andrew Luck of college basketball

Because everyone gets derpfaced, @williamfleitch

Kobe no look so good

Here’s a Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait that didn’t make the cut today, but I like it because of Troy’s expression

Argonauts fan in ecstasy

Andrew Luck decided he wasn’t ugly enough, is growing a beard

Today’s Joe Buck & Troy Aikman derpy family portrait:

I think somebody farted on the San Jose State sideline

I feel like Kellerman & Lamps have earned the family portrait treatment.

Kiffykins derpface

Dat Clemson hair

Ames: Where men are men, sometimes too much so.

Tom Brady is not impressed with turkey

Mike Tice & I have the same glasses! He must live in Wrigleyville

Dick Stockton looking even more frazzled than usual today

I don’t care what you say, I like Pam Oliver’s hair

Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait:

If this is our last Derek Dooley image for awhile, it’ll be a good one

Hey Joey Harrington, how’s that Fox studio show working out?

Kiffykins derpface

A rare Muschamp derpface opportunity.


Oh man. Here’s @KNegandhiESPN with Andrew Bynum’s haircut

Several Gators fans in this screencap may be on the verge of puking

Because everybody gets derpfaced, here is @JasonKirkSBN & @KegsnEggs

I don’t know what Sports32 is, but their graphics are Hydrox to ESPN’s Oreos

Centenary features a young man with a rather aggressive haircut

Smooth Arian Foster

Your semi-regular Buck-Aikman family photo:

Rome looks.. sweaty.. today.

What is going on here


Imagine what a football player named “Margus” looks like, & it is exactly what this football player named Margus looks like

Dabo has this same haircut in the offseason

Time to check in on Erin Andrews to see how she’s enjoying her new job

UCLA students: reliably high

Guaranteeing you will get your money’s worth with this duo calling college basketball:


What is it with soccer commentators and ridiculous mustaches!? First Lalas last night and now Keller…

OBC looks like he’s got sun poisoning

ATTENTION: Lalas Mustache

Ohio freshmen just haven’t been the same since they closed down The Greenery.

CHANGE: President Obama’s face four years ago, and tonight

ABC went to interview some rando in Times Square. He started talking about GIFs and made this face:


Diane Sawyer appears to be drunk

Holy crap, Sarah Palin’s hair. She looks like a Moore-era Bond girl

Tom Brokaw’s glasses make him look like your friend’s mean grandpa