weird faces

Simmons seriously looks like ESPN pulled a hobo off the street and sat him down in the studio

Everybody’s posting @drewmagary derpfaces, so I’m gonna post one where he looks handsome.

Greatest screencap ever accept no substitutes


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And here is your first-ever Joe Buck-Harold Reynolds family portrait.

Brazilian O Face

Here is Ronaldo’s haircut today:

Frida Kahlo Mexico fan.


Jermaine Jonesface



I think this guy is excited

Argentinian hair game

Dude in the Wayfarers is pimp

Ray Allen even surprised himself with that dunk

Tonight’s Buck-Verducci family portrait

Today’s family portrait is Tom Verducci and Matt Vasgersian.

FA Cupface

Your Joe Buck-Tom Verducci family portrait:

This guy’s doing it right.

That’s famous softball inside-the-park-home-run-hitter @asharock

Ultimate Frisbee is televised. These are its announcers

Denis Leary starring in MacGyver remake?

I love @jonahkeri and thus THIS MUST BE DONE

.@RattoCSN face


Ashley Wagnerface


love u @GottliebShow

It just isn’t the same without Tim McCarver

Actual Mets fan expression as he looks at the team roster


Dickie V three months ago vs. tonight. I hope for his health’s sake it’s just a white balance error

Punk kid.


Matt Painter, drank aficionado

Rob Ford looks sharp… or something.

The nation’s collective reaction to this year’s Academy Awards broadcast

Also what is Stamos doing there?

Who is the old dude with cornrows?

This is your brain on drugs

Wait, I’m sorry. THIS is Jim Carreyface

Jim Carreyface


15 years ago @JasonNweather & I were anchoring Athens MidDay together. This morning he’s on Good Morning America.

But srsly how is this considered an acceptable hairstyle for a man regardless of his sexuality etc

Ice dancers are soulless robots




Let’s talk about this remarkable gentleman standing behind Al Roker

Russia conquered diabeetus

One of my computers crashed earlier & this image was frozen onscreen for a few hours:

Super Bowl Buck-Aikman Family Portrait.

Start your Super Bowl Sunday off right, America


That you Donald Trump

Excuse me sir there is a giant turd on your head

Kid ‘n Play, guys

Buck. Aikman. Family portrait time:

This is what the video looks like. It’s gorgeous

Julia Louis-Dreyfusface

This dude is having a good time

Buck. Aikman. Family portrait

Don Cherry back to his usual flamboyance tonight

Sean Paytonface

Jay Gruden, everybody.


Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

Shocked Bamafan

Baylor fans have NO IDEA what to make of this national anthem

Schiano Man? Renaissance Man!

Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait:

RG3 is unimpressed

Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

Barry Church face

Here’s today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait. It’s pretty good!

Stockton & Ronde, looking sharp

Return of the Manningface

Mizzou O-Line graphic looks like one of those “faces of meth” campaigns

Joe Buck-Troy Aikman, Thanksgiving family portrait:

Here is your weekly screencap of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.

Matt Staffordface

I see Howie Long is as successful at not working on his days off as I am

Really ought to do more Don Cherry-Ron MacLean family portraits

Also David Pollackface


Stephen Curryface

In fact I can’t get the BYUtv player to show me anything other than this guy, who apparently spoke at halftime?

Few screencaps rise to this level

Andy Reid just said something bonechilling

Ed Cunningham & Mike Patrick looking sharp today.


Buck-Aikman family portrait time!

Get excited for that USC-Cal game guys

@GottliebShow my satellite receiver is frozen on this

omg Mike Gundy

That’s some interesting math, ESPN

Tommy Lee is at the Nebraska game

Even for soccer this is an unfortunate haircut

Our pals Joe Buck & Troy Aikman are looking excellent today


Your final Buck-McCarver family portrait, ever.


I may be in New York, but you’ll still get your Buck-McCarver family portrait:

Here’s tonight’s Buck-McCarver family portrait. Enjoy them while you can!

Your supply of Buck-McCarver family portraits is dwindling. Get one of the final remaining now!

That’s some impressive hair

Former Deadspin commenter Jon Hamm, everyone:

I hope they’re related

Underwood’s hair, like wine, gets better with age

Tonight’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

Buck, McCarver. Family portrait. Savor it while they last

No one-shot tonight, so your Al Michaels Face is a family portrait:

Tonight’s Buck-McCarver family portrait feels.. old.

Oh ho ho ho ho.

So many amazing faces here, you guys. (My favorite is dude in Jozy Altidore jersey.)

Buck. McCarver. Family portrait.