Didn’t notice this earlier, but apparently UConn’s uniforms were manufactured by Aperture Science

Here is a word cloud showing the frequency of all words spoken on CNN between 9:31am Tuesday & 3:03am Wednesday:

Valencia is a terrible sports town

Media snapshot. 1am.

Here’s your 11:10 or so media snapshot, moments before the election was called for Obama:

Fox News apparently hired a fifth grader to draw its map of the United States:

Here’s your full 9pm media snapshot:

Here was your 8pm media snapshot: (now just the screen as I see it)

Your 7pm media snapshot:

Here’s how our channels led things off. It’s your 6pm media snapshot:

Your 4pm media snapshot:

Your 3pm media snapshot:

Media snapshot: Here’s how all the channels I’m watching looked at 2pm Eastern.

This is your major breaking story on Fox News atm:

And your winner of the “unnecessary letterboxing award” goes to ESPN Deportes:

SportsNation also in costume today:

This will end well

Aerial shot of Atlantic City carnage:

The boats in Ocean City harbor caught fire last night

Idiot tries to drive under downed line

While hospitals burn in NYC, Connecticut TV reports on WHICH PUMPKIN PATCHES ARE CLOSED.

This guy has been standing in the middle of this AC street for 10 hours. He must be tired.

Skyscraper crane collapses in NYC:

San Francisco is burning things

I love calling out members of the IDIOT CLUB, but at least they usually actually touch first base

what is going on here

Oklahoma called a weird defense on that play, called “let two DBs get blocked by the same guy”

#GameDay continues its tradition of picking a “winning” sign that features spelling and/or grammar errors

REAUXL TIGERS!?? That’s criminal.

Sweet, LA Galaxy are playing in some dimly-lit Salvadoran back yard


Steve Mariucci went for a ride with Ragnar

I don’t think these are regulation pants, though

This concussion issue has become such a big deal now even sideline reporters are wearing helmets

So, how about these Northwestern helmets?

Good job, good effort Kansas State fan

Usually people spell things out using E S P N but hey, use another network if you want

I’m sure Bud Selig is very proud of this

Ole Miss frat bros must have spotted an Auburn fan because the birds made a quick appearance

S83S O9

Students at College Gameday are now sporting the same signs you see from bums by freeway exits

KONY 2012, how very Notre Dame of this guy to be behind the times

The Bronx is a terrible sports borough

“The only thing husky about Washington is their women”

Your “winning” #gameday sign isn’t even spelled correctly

Yep, Zack Greinke pitching in a jersey with his own name misspelled on the back

Oh, right. Here’s the wacky things Arkansas is wearing today

Somehow just now noticing that KISS is the official band of the ACC:

“When you think of the defensive trenches in the Big 10, you think about Ndamukong Suh.” Maybe YOU do, David Pollack:

“Braxton is a girl” HURR DURR UR SO FUNNIE MSU

Apparently Shayne Skov was named looking, not swinging

UFL football, guys

Yeah, you’re not a sports fan, Snoop Lion

Oh, yeah, the delay was definitely the right play-call here.

Hardest game to watch is this combination of two teams with hideous uniforms

THIS IS NOT SAFE BOATING. (Note the open flame.)

Hey, lady, your team just took the lead back on a Big 12 team. How about you LOOK UP FROM THE TEXTING AND NOTICE

Oh, this is bad. FSC’s Europa League studio looks like somebody broadcasting from their living room

“YO’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE”? Am I missing a joke or are Red Bulls fans just poor spellers?

Ford not getting its money’s worth for sponsoring stupidest “Keys to the game” ever