Sweater guy is unsure of his neighbor’s use of ethnic stereotypes

I’m loath to become a Don Cherry outfit archivist–I’d have stuck with Sager if I wanted that–but here you go

Proof Super Bowl coverage is ridiculous


Who brings their iPad to a soccer match

Soccer tackling: you’re doing it wrong, Denmark

Tonight in Ridiculous DirecTV Blackouts

Jolly Nuggetsbros

Seriously had no idea airplanes have windows you can open:

Been awhile since we checked on on what Don Cherry was wearing. Like, a year! So here we go

Villanova beats Syracuse, storms the court


CNN went stereoscopic, briefly


Lights still out in Oxford, going on 15 minutes now:

Nothing says “youth” like that outfit, Roy.

Argentina is a terrible sports town

Uh, that is not @LauraMcKeeman

There is something very wrong with my Fox feed

Guessing Liberty students aren’t yet back on campus:

Is Georgia Tech’s gym always this dark? Lighted exclusively by beeswax candles?


Miami’s CBS affiliate has some confusion over which teams are playing in the BCS Championship in.. Miami

Horse heads & Bud Light

Musburger wearing a corporate parent-approved tie today:

Hate u, ESPN Deportes

Look how excited these Oklahoma fans are at taking the lead!

Pinstripe Bowl attendance roughly the same as an average regular season Yankees game

Can’t wait for NFL Total Access to preview a game that happened two days ago

Sounds Lynn Hoppes-related

Rome show on CBSSN can’t be bothered to use original video, takes low-quality clips from NFL’s website!

Eric Crouch makes sure to Skype with his Heisman in the frame

Jesus, he got fired. He’s not dead

Al Michaels’ wife was sitting next to Gene Jones while he talked about Jones, he never mentioned his wife:

Tony SIragusa thought it was “wear your pajamas to work” day

Way to not light your set, Fox

Yup, they are definitely all watching the same Canadian “college football” game in all the BW3 ads:

Go Dwags

So, nobody noticed the guys in the BW3 commercial are watching CANADIAN college football?

Notre Dame wearing their practice shirts tonight, I guess

Notre Dame fan celebrates the win by lighting up in the L.A. Coliseum

I think ESPN meant to show the Notre Dame Basilica (on campus at Notre Dame). This is the Notre Dame Cathedral in.. Paris

Almost positive I had this Notre Dame jacket when I was 8

These poor children, they might never walk

You, too, can be on the SEC Academic Honor Roll

“Here are two bald men.”

Fog, no score box, this is not a very effective television broadcast


Cool coverage, UCF.

Not a lot of fans in Miami for the Venezuela-Nigeria match:

ESPN’s Tebow edict apparently applies to Deportes, too:

This continues to bother me: Why are Dolphins, Jets, & Steelers fans cheering for Drew Brees?

Hey, Giants.. perhaps you should cover AJ Green

Perhaps if Alabama didn’t have guys sitting down in places where there were no aTm players…:

“Erin Andrews still works here, right?”

Totally safe

Not a lot of excitement for college basketball in Lubbock this year:

And here we have famous Halo character Master Douche

Poor Maryland, their uniforms must have been stolen as they’re competing in their pajamas