Real masters of the pun, these Rangers fans are

Just noticed that KTXA (Rangers) puts the Fox Box in a different place as everyone else. See:

(The bottom is a Rangers broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest)

Dammit Oakland go to your baseball games

Merril Hoge ties his neckties at “Brett Favre” length

I am missing something called PEARLIE? OH NOES

The Cubs are giving out “Social Media Baseball Cards.” What the hell are Social Media Baseball Cards?:

Jose Bautista just hit a check-swing grounder, then tried to run to third, I think.

Can you really be “leading” in BABIP? It’s more like “Happens to be lowest”

“FLY BALL GUYS!!” (ball flies over centerfield fence) “NEVER MIND”

There are so many things wrong in this shot of Washington fans

You’d think Jason Alexander would know how to wear a baseball cap.

Milwaukee has a crack problem

New IDIOT CLUB member: Eric Thames (ht @sixerfan1220)

This is not only a BAD definition of Replacement Player, it’s a WRONG definition of Replacement Player

Lot of people at today’s Braves game


IDIOTS everywhere! Now it’s Danny Espinosa joining the club

A Confederacy of Dunces in Chicago

They had to bring in the template because the White Sox didn’t line the batters box correctly

The game is going on, and yet all Yankee fans want to do is take photos of Kermit the Frog.

Tonight’s Marlins “Performance Play” was sponsored by “3 Stooges,” and it was when the Marlins GIDP’d

WGN is trying to spark a new panic by questioning the safety OF SAND CASTLES

Great baseball weather today in Detroit

ESPN currently has $78 worth of hot dogs in the booth. I hope they paid for them:

What, you thought “fashion police” wasn’t a real thing? In Miami it is

It took two innings for the major league season to become a circus

I can’t wait for next year’s Final Four in Alanta! Wait, WHERE IS ALANTA #NCAAFAIL

Everything about Betty Draper here is terrible

Marseille is a terriible sports town

Turned on NASCAR. Saw this. IMMEDIATELY changed the channel

Dubai is a terrible sports town

I think the Swansea-Everton match has been attacked by Welsh nationalists

Too much Harbaugh!

Turner can’t even get their own SkyCam out of the way. Terrible, terrible broadcasts

Gonna blame our terrible shooting on Craig Sager’s conservative garb tonight

Iowa State’s band nerds take band nerditry to a new level

Among other memes, that Vitamin Water commercial features a double Nyan Cat rainbow

Looks like somebody let Luis Suarez program the video boards at Anfield

Sometimes the thumbnails I make for videos are as good as regular screencaps. Example:

Bill Simmons confused Noche Latina with Noche Informal

Using a blimp to chase Tiger. I can only assume Peyton Manning is his passenger

SWACtion has some camera placement issues

Vermont beats Stony Brook, “storms” the court

Ohio is beating Buffalo because we keep hitting shots like this:

So, yeah… if you haven’t been paying attention to the Big 12 game, here’s what Baylor’s wearing.

C-USA still C-UStruggggggling to get people to come to games

ACC Tournament attendance is somewhat better than C-USA’s.

C-USA tournament attendance did not improve today

Oh COME ON SEC Network. This is not getting off on the right foot

Baylor forgot they were playing today, had to rush from volunteering as crossing guards, had no time to change uniforms

Welcome to the C-USA tournament, where there are zero people in attendance

Lehigh beats Bucknell, storms the court

Watching the Longhorn Network for the first time:

Creighton beats Illinois State, storms the court

Buffalo beats BGSU, storms the court

If you’ve only landed one punch through two rounds, you’re gonna lose the fight

Marco tries to high-five baby, is left hanging

And yes, Robert Downey, Jr. Tebowed.

Iowa beats Wisconsin, storms the court

I’m sure the people who paid $1200 for those seats are enjoying this kid

Creighton beats Long Beach State, prematurely storms the court



Adele is dating a slob

You might be surprised how the MAC hires its basketball coaches

George Lopez, everyone.

I heard when a dude makes contact with his butt it actually causes your head to snap back like you’ve been shot

Jeremy Lin’s fans are not exactly executing cultural iconoclasm

There are NO PEOPLE at the Missouri-Oklahoma game

I guess nobody told the ad firm that bars were still segregated in Missouri in 1933

Cee-Lo is wearing shower shoes on the “red carpet”

“WHY AM I HERE? The game is inside a dome.”

Cool defense Bulls

Milan is a terrible sports town

No more appropriate place to get in the way of the camera with a hang ten than the Pro Bowl

Tom Brady is wearing a double-breasted checked three piece suit with a purple checked non-dress shirt and a cotton tie.

PAY NO ATTENTION TO MIKE VICK. Instead, look! Jeremy Piven!

Iowa State beats Kansas, storms the court

Indeed they did

I guess the play clock is broken? Because this is the last play we saw & the PC starts as soon as the last down ends


None of them are Tebowing correctly

As promised, Jim Rome on CBS NFL coverage

Amare? Pau? Lamarcus, maybe? PAUL MILLSAP?

Eight-Ball did some naughty things in the dark, it appears

As if cheerleaders weren’t drawing enough attention to their chests already

Okay, fine. Nebraska beats Indiana, storms the court

Really, ESPN Deportes? No HD for El Clásico?

And boy, do they look happy.

That’s one weird NOB

Mexico City is a terrible sports town. That’s how the meme goes, right?

Shocked that a player who made a tackle while looking at the ground got hurt

Guess Patriot fans already went home

I see the fans really came out to see Ricky Rubio tonight. You can count the number of people in the upper deck

Florida State beats UNC, storms the court

SMC beats Gonazaga, storms the court

One of these things is not like the other…

Even the top team in the English Premier League has trouble getting people to come to their matches:

Why is Jerome Bettis jersey guy looking for a high-five after that play!?

They’re leaving the tags on STOCKING CAPS now? WHAT THE HELL

Is this the “one of these things is not like the other” game? BECAUSE I CAN’T TELL WHICH ONE DOESN’T BELONG

Torian Oglesby’s Division I consecutive-shots-made record is over at 26 when he missed THE EASIEST SHOT OF THEM ALL

Exercises in futility: attempting to interview Barry Sanders

The pitch in Bristol is not in the best shape. It looks like my front lawn

There are about ten people at this basketball game

This is perhaps the greatest screencap ever, starring @edsbs & @ClayTravisBGID “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”


Bandie on the left wore the wrong shirt

I don’t care what you say, this is The Shocker

Aaron Murray, grow a pair

This is not a ringing endorsement for the power of Pepsi MAX

Shannon Sharpe is a FASHION DISASTER. Also crotch

The hell are you wearing Virginia


Bell Helicopter: we build war machines but can’t figure out aspect ratio for our TV commercials

Those BCS conference schools just fill up a stadium

Everything’s bigger in Texas

I recommend Mark Sanchez throw passes with his eyes open in the future

I know it’s the holidays but wow Maryland that is one empty gym

I have no idea how the “Bud Light Braggin’ Rights” game does not involve Bob Huggins