ESPN Deportes announcers don’t have an especially good view of the action:

This is very weird and horribly done, NBC.

Dan, you look… different.

People say poker on TV is boring. Why, look how compelling this is:

Ryan Reynolds once was cool. Now he’s wearing a blue vinyl jacket

I think ESPN is broadcasting the Oklahoma-Virginia Tech game with a webcam

Is this legal?

This basketball court doesn’t have quite enough advertising decals on it

I have no idea what happened at RAW tonight except that it looks like the audience completely ignored the final match:

Conversion from Euro-standard 1080i25 to Fox’s 720p60 leads to very sad video quality.

Those are some strange-looking women, GOLTV.

Local Greek TV station showing Greekleague B-Ball. PQ so bad I can’t tell which teams are playing

It’s barely working on Xbox 360. Here’s the video quality:

The hell happened to you, Barry?

Is this what Edmonton looks like RIGHT NOW? Why does anybody live there?

E! blurred out both the UF logo & the NCAA logo on the Lochte show last night:

Meanwhile here’s the hard-hitting news on ABC

Hello yes this is dog

Seriously, how does this happen? Doesn’t “Fox Confirms” mean you actually know it to be true?

CNN now blaming “sources” for the arrest reports:

My local Greek TV station has had this onscreen for more than an hour:

“All news is local”

Here’s how that Boston Marathon fullscreen actually appeared. Dunno if @mistertug is having PS fun or what:

Looks like Albert is suffering wardrobe issues. That head does not match the body

Compare the size of the Fox Deportes bug compared to the regular Fox one:

It is 32 degrees in Minneapolis & there are shirtless CHILDREN OUTSIDE AT THE BASEBALL GAME

The CIT has a trophy, ECU just won it, and this is what it looks like

ESPN on Xbox is now brought to you by Geico:

Is Dustin Pedroia 2013’s first IDIOT CLUB inductee?

Plenty of good Opening Day seats available in Yankee Stadium

Who is ESPN talking about during the Yankees-Red Sox broadcast? YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED

Not a lot of fans in attendance for this Dallas Cup Fulham-Fluminense match


Sure would be nice to know how much time is remaining!!


This is absurd. How are they playing in this

I’m sure we’ll see some QUALITY SOCCER in these conditions

Luxembourg is a terrible sports town

Thing That Is Stupid: ESPND switches AZ Alkmaar-Ajax match from HD to letterboxed SD 15 minutes into the match:

I guess the media stormed the court?

This is not why they invented HDTV

No Wazzu flag? Disappointed

Oh freaking come on.

Nebraska beats Minnesota, storms the court

Something’s missing from this “throwback” logo..

These nerds could not be more Virginia student

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Typical Hugh Jackman, using the Academy Awards to pick up women

Aaaaaaaaaaand here’s 50 Cent kissing Erin Andrews


Tonight’s Don Cherry outfit

This is very stupid

Maryland beats Duke, storms the court

That is not a Zamboni

Manhattan beats Iona, storms the court

Yes, CNN really did ask if Senator Rubio’s drink of water was a “career-ender”

@YourAnonNews Here is the actual frame as broadcast, proving it’s fake:

“Are we off air yet?”

Meanwhile, here’s what the CBS online feed is broadcasting right now:

Tom Crean what are you wearing