“Should somebody mark that guy?” “Nah.”

Yeah, that’s not beer. Beer does not do this:

What a depressing graphic.

My thoughts exactly, Dan.

NBC Sports Network is currently broadcasting rich white dudes killing elephants. I have no idea why.

USF is no longer the most embarrassing thing in the conference. UConn’s helmets are:

1080i50 to 720p60 not working out so well for Fox right now

Wait wait wait there’s something wrong here.

Yeah, she didn’t sign up for this.

Form tackle.

ESPN’s Brock Bowling, as this opening shot of Texas State’s stadium is shown: “The fans are out in full force”

Like clockwork

Wasn’t even close to crossing the goal line

The good news is Miami just tied up Marshall at 14. The bad news is they have a fan in attendance wearing this shirt

The Fox Sports 1 ticker reports non-sports news

Oh yeah, this is very safe tackling practice

UNC can be Carolina. USCe is CAROLIN

Someone please get this man a properly-sized jersey

Can someone please explain to me the purpose of these bizarre microphones

Reason #9000 to check aspect ratio before broadcasting video:

Really? Nobody fixed his shirt/jacket before they went into the courtroom?

This seems like something you should take to, like, an ACTUAL courtroom.

Fox Soccer Channel is so dead that Fox listed the match it’s currently showing as being on “DirecTV” rather than FSC

Pinkhat with King Of The Hill on, I’ve seen it all now.

As several of you have noted, FS1 in SD is a disaster

Meanwhile the Fox Sports 1 ticker doubled in size while you weren’t paying attention

FS2 is *not* using a zoom-out, though

Here’s what I mean. Fox only using 67% of the screen for video

Actually if NBCSN is going to bring us sports highlights from the 22ND CENTURY I am ok with this

Having a real name no longer necessary to be on TV.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. What are the Yankees wearing!??

Indians Fan In Very Expensive Seat Is Flipping You The Bird

Real Madrid gets police escort in Miami

Local Fox meteorologist delivers forecast standing in front of… Internet Explorer

Sky News is in the UK. They are covering the propane explosions live. Fox, CNN, MSNBC are not:

WESH, I love you, but this is ridiculous.

And, yes, if you’re watching a cropped SD feed of CNN there was another very unfortunate juxtaposition:

No, really, CNN said that:


Because when I think “Insider with knowledge of what MLB players talk about in the clubhouse” I think LARRY KING


Yup, Wondo’s name is misspelled. On his own jersey.

Skype does not use the Internet, according to Fox News:

Pasadena is a terrible sports town


Joey Chestnut given the royal treatment:

Whoever came up with this idea surely was wearing Bad Idea Jeans

I’d laugh, if a person wasn’t dead & this was the trial of the man accused of killing him:

This is actual testimony in a murder trial. And this is happening:

And you thought people bringing iPads to BASEBALL games was bad

Miami Marlins-level attendance for this France-USA match:

Count the horrible things:

Did not realize this Skywire broadcast featured a Favre-cam

Oh lord, Jim Cantore

Seriously look at all the people NOT watching the fight in the ring

The hell is this man wearing

Not an accident, a function of replay rights to something aired on NBC:

Portland is a terrible sports town

Great moments in closed captioning

Simmons didn’t really commit to that fist bump.