Guess: HD facilities still tied up in Pasadena

I like how he feels he needs to point at the flare. Like lit flares are known for not being very visible

Auburn had a blocking advantage on the final play of the game. Runner foolishly cut back toward the defenders

Criminy, this Title Talk studio is the size of a bathroom


Or you can tune into ESPNEWS and get your commentary from Matt Millen

I appreciate them letting me know this Ali-Foreman fight isn’t being broadcast live. Also #chyronfail

Wow, @ZODIAC_MF wasn’t joking. @ovationtv looks… terrible.

As noted by @mjoven1975 ESPN used this as an establishing shot for Tempe. This is in Utah, 300-some miles from Tempe

Here’s a screencap from the ad. What cocktail requires that many limes?

When I was 16 many of my drives featured this

Breaking news guys

Raiderfan, everybody



Apparently Claude Monet is directing today’s Cardiff-Southampton broadcast

Colorado State wins New Mexico Bowl, rushes the field

Pretty amazing headlines in the ticker of this fake news program

Prime football conditions

Cool coverage Buckeyes

Inconsistent USF branding on ESPN. Ten years later they’re still struggling

I think I found the problem with Louisville’s defense, guys

The faces of rape culture:

Observe all the shiny happy people discussing a woman who says she was raped

Hey, that’s more like it!

First time tuning into AXS for basketball coverage. I’ve seen worse graphics, but I’ve mostly seen better

I guess she went back to school after Tomb Raider ended

Bob Knight wearing a regrettable sweater


Cool boots, Terry.


I think he’s gonna need something stronger than Aleve, Fox.

Some astronomical passing numbers here

Game Plan (and, presumably, ESPN3) feed of ‘Bama game is 4:3 video stretched to 16:9 then cropped back to 4:3.

Good luck with that “noise” thing, Miami.

9:25 in the morning and NBA League Pass thinks two NBA games aren’t finished yet:

Players, ref being assaulted by laser pointers in this Egypt-Ghana match. At least four of them in this shot alone


Did you guys hear there was a doge in the front row of the Knicks-Hawks game

Neymar with Miami Heat sunglasses.


Multiple teabagging signs? You’re proud of this, Alabama? Proud of rubbing your junk on another dude’s face?

Ah yes, and sexual assault jokes about the teabagging incident

That’s some interesting math, ESPN

Oh, NBA League Pass. You never stop finding ways to be terrible

But they’ll give you 15% off a brand new Roku that *will* play NBA games! haha

“Sure, nobody will notice me doing this very illegal thing”

On what planet is this considered sound football strategy

I’d say ‘Boston is a terrible sports town’ but I’m tired of explaining that joke to everyone

Minnesota beats Nebraska, rushes the field

It is a gorgeous day in Florida, so of course nobody is in attendance at our football games:

“I ain’t an athlete, ma’am. I’m a ballplayer.”

Because the Hanson brothers being at an ALCS game makes perfect sense:

Tennessee cop decides targeting ejection is a good time to get some video on his phone?!

Here’s Brookens still waving Cabrera around at this point in the play. We never see him put up a stop sign

Prince Fielder should consider trying to catch balls with his eyes open:

I see you talking, but I cannot hear what you are saying.


#northwesternfail #spellingfail #gameday