Yes, I’m going to trust my money with a company that uses NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 1.1

Also I have no idea what the hell Wendi Nix is wearing

guhhh Ohio State running a promo for the wrestling team, didn’t bother to deinterlace the video

Man, is this Packers fan lost

Reverse Tebow hails Satan and has 9 out-of-wedlock children

Catching the ball with your face rarely works

Imma just recklessly handle this football right by the end zone no it’s cool

“The yellow line is unofficial” & here’s an example how unofficial it can be

You know I’m no fan of paying players, but it’s a damn shame Baylor’s selling these shirts & RG3 gets no cut of the money

Jerry Sandusky=big fan of Tommy Hilfiger parties


Braindead challenge

Cool defense Giants

As mentioned by @gregauman USF’s temporary home at the University of Tampa now has Big East decals

Indiana enters the “Storming the Court” tag…

“Community” can’t survive on TV, but guess what they will take a chance on?


This is not a legal basketball play

Tim Brewster packed more stupid into six words than you’ll find in an entire Jersey Shore episode

I guess it’ll take a few more Eric LeGrands until dumbass football players stop doing this

Wow, Houston, are there any dead bodies stashed in this dark basement you call an arena? CBSS looks lousy enough

I think Antonio Brown stole his suit off a mannequin at After Hours Tuxedo Shoppe

What a pathetic joke. CBS has become worse than Fox


Oregon’s Civil War garb is clashtastic

Speaking of uniforms, here’s what Maryland’s wearing today

I’ve made it a point to avoid watching Kentucky football this season, but I think these uniforms are a bit different

If you’re gonna go wide right, go WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE right

Cool coverage, Michigan

The “wisdom” of Craig James, courtesy closed captioning

Southpaw Tom Brady had an open receiver

I failed to provide you Maryland’s uniform today, mostly because it was boring.

Alabama fans do not quite understand how “* > Tebow” works

Wow! Impressive crowd at Kent tonight

Statutory rape jokes, all the rage in Alabama

They are out with the Gameday signs early this week

Matte black helmets strike again

On-field reporter is wearing a ridiculously sparkly top

Your glimpse at the first time Ohio has ever worn black helmets:

Man that is some crisp picture quality from IMG

I guess Kentucky fans weren’t too excited about coming out to watch the Wildcats play Transylvania

If your head is this small in relation to your shoulder width, you should really wear a sack suit

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