Man, what will Nike come up with next

Another one for the narrative: here’s Curry’s first attempt to force OT. His foot was on the line:

Aston Villa beats West Brom, storms the court:

Today in “Terrible Throwback Thursday ideas”:

Quality pitch conditions at Eibar

Not many in attendance for this U-20 Chile-Colombia match.

They renamed sudden death “sudden victory.” Why not, uh, GOLDEN GOAL?

This guy is eating “Chips”

2014 November 22 15 42 30

That’s a hell of a camera angle they’re using at Northern Arizona.

Mexico-El Salvador about to kick off on a pitch that has seen better days.

Wesley’s coach wears his play card on a lanyard

The bar has been set for most hideous uniforms in college basketball history


Can’t believe the Flyin’ Hawaiian would turn his back on the Rainbow Warriors

Since when is this a thing that can be reviewed

At least the band showed up

dammit Corso

Rice. ouch

Woman in penis cream ad very subtly standing in front of a pile of wood

Viagra has been prescribed for heart patients for 10 years. Was developed as heart med, discovered erection side effect

Clemson beats Louisville, rushes the field

Not the most useful camera angle.

This child was conceived in the top of the 2nd inning

Rutgers beats Michigan, rushes the field

Not exactly best seats in the house for NBC’s Spanish-language NFL broadcasters

C’MON, SNL. The NFL hasn’t used this logo in more than six years.

Penn State just pulled a Florida on that fourth-down play

Indiana’s kicker is wearing shorts.

Upside down midfield logo is upside down

Your southern Minnesota 7pm news is a battle between anchors wearing jean jackets (KEYC) and leather jackets (KTTC)

SLIGHTLY beyond the line of scrimmage

¿Donde está la defensa?

You’re better than this Nebraska

Attn @UniWatch, Casillas’s numbers don’t seem to match everyone else’s?


The cops are after Miss America? I wonder what she did.

Just slightly beyond the line of scrimmage.

I’ve heard of commentators looking like they could go out on the field and hit somebody but this is a bit far

You gotta wear a scarf in a domed stadium in early September?

The file folder actually reads “FBI Coverup”

Do I even want to know what the product being advertised here is

Sport Clips MVP appears to not have actually gotten a haircut in a very long time



Yet another reminder: it’s not a touchdown unless you wait until crossing the goal line BEFORE dropping the ball

CBS Sports Net names BGSU’s “attraction” something that was drained 120 years ago & no longer exists

That AARP ad was filmed in Petco, but they digitally deleted the Western Metal Supply Co.:

“Purge threat”

I guess before you can break the sound barrier, you have to build one.

Maybe, just maybe, consider playing matches held at stadiums without lighting.. earlier in the day?

TV anchors often have laptops on the desk with them, but rarely do you see a mouse

Her eyes are up here, buddy.

What we get now that Disney owns Star Wars: ESPN “interviewing” Darth Vader

this is an unholy union.

Breaking every rule of proper mascot behavior

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.


Ghana had a 5-on-3 fast break and messed it up

NFL Network, you got some weird analysts