Aaaaaaaand it’s another blown call!

Easily the weirdest thing sighted outside the courthouse: a man in a UNC Tyler Hansbrough jersey



This looks more like people awaiting July 4th fireworks to start than people awaiting a trial verdict

Of COURSE the Greeks are flying an upside-down flag.

Fine, here is your screencap. The ref is clearly not high-fiving Spoelstra

HUMAN ELEMENT STRIKES AGAIN–Ukraine screwed out of a goal:

Umps keep finding new ways to screw up. Here’s Matt Treanor tagging up correctly, called out on appeal

This is the best t-shirt to find its way onto ESPN since a certain one about West Virginia

YES sure does choose erotic camera angles

Dial-up-speed internet up here, but went to great lengths to get you GREATEST EURO2012 SCREENCAP

Jim Wolf called this runner safe. #humanelement


Two different umps have a good view of this. How is Andrus not called out on the spot?

Eli Manning’s bananapenis

The entire ball must go past the line. The entire ball did not go past the line:



UMP BLEW IT AGAIN #humanelement

How do you blow this call? What a joke. #humanelement

Okay. RT @czach1r Screen cap of Starlin Castro holding his junk for like three seconds?

Coyotes fans are trying to claim Torres didn’t leave his feet. UHH:

How was this not a yellow card!?!


THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT. Dude who interfered with the ball is wearing a Rays cap and Yankee jersey

Not the first college basketball player to get away with putting his fingers where they don’t belong

So, yeah, St. Bonaventure got screwed. BAD.

This is the first frame with the player’s foot on the floor. You make the call if the ball is released or not

Spring Training beanballs!

Siva to Doris Burke: “I WAHN KITH YOO”

If you don’t believe me for some reason, here’s the dribble

Nothing better than when children flip the bird

Yup, that’s Danica heading to the ladies’ room

Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction

SHOCK: Messi booked

For those asking for a screencap, here you go: worst blown call in soccer history?

Young child with a beer? That’s English rugby!

How did Adele respond to having her best album acceptance speech cut off? In true chav fashion: flipping everyone off

BTW, here’s that awful “foul” that won the game for the Timberwolves, if you missed it

No good, per replay, after the horn

This is extremely gratuitous, but so explicit that it is “news.” Katy Perry had some ungulate phlange issues

Something is not right here. I can’t quite put my finger on.. HEY! He doesn’t work there anymore!

Ball in hand, red light lit, no basket

ESPN just used this establishing shot of AA Arena:

The wonders of interlaced video make it a blur, but that foot looks well out of bounds

I know I’m in the minority but I think this is a good foul call, because of the left forearm shove

Because everyone needs a good screencap of that fumble,

There is a crack problem in San Francisco

Somebody at ESPN just got fired, @BFeldmanCBS got on TV

Here’s your “debate the spot” screencap

There is a crack problem in Pittsburgh

A legal fair catch signal is waved “over the head.” You tell me

Just because you won doesn’t give you carte blanche to cop a feel on the opponent, Eli

It’s a touchdown, jeez

Amazed that a U.S. Army event allows such a blatant violation of U.S. Flag Code

Clockfail meltdown in Madison buzzer-beater

Yes, Georgia got away with a block in the back on that punt return


This Man City supporter is bald & has a black eye. Then you realize it’s a woman