at first glance this looks really scandalous


surprised they let this slip through

Boise State fans dressed up as Mormons

Kaepernick taped over the logo on his headphones

That is not a touchdown


And there’s your margin of victory:

We have our first profane t-shirt of the season!!!

Hey, what did South Dakota ever do to you


Ol’ Johnny Football flippin’ the bird.

CNN turns the Deadspin logo black

A disgusted Maradona has gotten up and left

Red line follows the path of the goal line edge. It was a goal.

Switzerland offside on winning goal?

I feel like this shirt wasn’t handed out at the door.

Now THAT is what I call a Power Play.

TNT broadcast is, uh, spicy

Probably time to update your logo database, ESPN

Is ESPN just making things up now?

Oh wait. The Orange Bowl had an M.I.A. moment:

I did not realize the New England Patriots wore clear pants

So Schalke scored a goal even though they had FOUR PLAYERS offside:

Auburn coaching staff has been studying its Tomlin:


Marcus Hall flips Michigan fans double bird after getting ejected:

BYU students taunt Melvin Ejim for fouling out, so he flips them off

Quality T-shirt from Stanfordbro

Rob Ford’s wearing an NFL tie that is at least 15 years old:

I see a lot of people claiming Joyce wasn’t looking at the obstruction. He’s looking DIRECTLY AT IT:

Alabama sweatshirt + Oregon cap??

I see a word that doesn’t belong on TV

Tough to see here thanks to some crappy NBC PQ, but USC player flipping the bird to a Notre Dame fan:

Your horse collar evidence:

Corso wore his Bad Idea Jeans to work today

Oh, and The Double Bird.

Missed holding call on the winning touchdown?

Dynamo Kyiv supporters literally turn their backs on the team:

UF fans only wear the classiest of T-shirts

I don’t think this was necessary, NBC

He’s not even close to being out of bounds. How do you blow this!?

The American flag is not to be used for CLEANING YOUR GLASSES



Tonight’s RAW was one long Wardrobe Malfunction. Whoever this is, her nipple was hanging out the entire time


Matt Moore THAT’S NOT MY NAME face


VERY SUSPICIOUS that the Coca-Cola 600 is under caution due to a Coke bottle on the track:

Ben Zobrist never, ever argues with an umpire. He’s arguing with CB Bucknor, & sure enough the call was blown:

Split-screen ump-arguing

Human element

To whom is Pitino flipping the bird???

That ain’t how you use a rosary.

Frank Lampard is mutating



Update! The Michigan fans who were making weird faces are no longer there:

It’s the universal language.

Also this

I think that should be Missouri ball:

This is a backcourt violation, yes? (It wasn’t called.)

Questionable blocking foul here. Looks like he’s in a good defensive position?

Yeah, confirmed the clock started when the free throw hit the rim:

Bad teacher

PAWWWWWL Why’s a proud Razorback like Bubba wearing the Bear’s houndstooth

Somehow I missed there being a tin of Skoal on the CBS desk:

Anyway, here’s as definitive a screencap as you will get of the ball’s release & the clock reading 0.1

This has got to be a catch

Fine. The ball is snapped, and Fox’s clock still shows 0:01.

Cool shirt, Buckeye fan.

If you need screencap evidence, fine. Ball is out of his hands. Clock is still at 0.1. The red light is not lit:

A unique and artistic angle of an Oklahoma State double bird.

The Cowboys have a crack problem

Don’t think ESPN intended this kid’s shirt to get on tv:

Wow. Lower third for George O’Leary ON THE 6pm NEWS: “O’Leary Embarrassed UCF Last Night”

Fine, fine. DeMarco Murray’s bare ass.

A lot of speculation that Lamps wears glasses w/o lenses on HBO. Here is proof they are indeed corrective lenses:

This play was reviewed & Luck was declared to not be down. HOW IS HE NOT DOWN?

The ball is behind the flag. If it’s behind the flag it’s to the outside of the flag, & thus not a good field goal

This was declared to not be a goal.

Wow. Game is over. Looks awfully close to being a TD to me:

Nope, not a facemask at all!

West F Virginia & Baltimore F Maryland guy, meet UMASS F AMHERST GUY


Here’s the profane Baltimore t-shirt aired by CBS

Holliday definitely dropped the ball before crossing the goal line:

Metta World Peace is at a boxing match.

The refs botched spotting the ball on Notre Dame’s touchdown play:

So this profane tweet: was aired for about 30 seconds on WCMH in Columbus:

Weather Channel host has tab open on his browser called “Poon”

What’s Tebow doing there?


Poor kicker, blocked in the back and no penalty called

This is your iconic moment, in which one official signals touchdown and the other, no touchdown

Not only is that not a touchdown, I don’t even think it’s a FIRST down:

The Raiders should have kicked from 15 yards further back. Missed chop block to the right:

So I guess being on your knees doesn’t make you down anymore?

Yesterday @awfulannouncing mentioned Tony Kornheiser wearing spandex pants, here’s a shot showing it’s a knee brace:

To whom does this pass have a (as the NFL rule reads) “realistic chance of completion”?

Everton completely screwed this match. Two disallowed goals that should have been allowed. Look at this:

Tate went out of bounds. Should not be a Texans TD

Wisconsin fans: classless but nondiscriminatory. F you too, buddy

Oh yeah not a horse collar at all no sir

AFTER VIDEO REVIEW this was declared not a touchdown. HOW!?!


Is grabbing your bosom a Syracuse thing or?

Uhh Witten?

Brutal missed holding call on that Penn State third down play

Something looks scandalous about this

This seems offensive somehow.

Strongly suspect the NFL ordered replay crews not to overrule replacement refs on scoring plays due to this:


WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on here !?!

Our Italian fencer friend here appears to be attempting to, uh, unsheath his sword

This is not a very effective slide


Cool Serena crotch shot

Blown call costs Rays a run — this was called out