MICHAEL MOORE SIGHTING! Also some tall guy in a hoodie in front of him

This woman REALLY did not want to be touched by a basketball player

Pretty early in the tournament to be breaking out the ladder if you ask me

Rob Ryan sits in with the NDSU pep band

(Classmates unimpressed)

The only $10,000 Canadian Experiences I know happen in Casino Windsor or its surrounding strip clubs


Ron Barr knows what’s up

Finally have the time to do what Team USA couldn’t

Medals, how do they work

Pretty sure this is a dude who tried to shave his chest hair into a maple leaf

Canada: where top-ranking federal government officials wear mittens

“This is my magazine. You can’t have it. It’s got my name on it. No, literally.”

Closed captioning almost never transcribes the word “uh.” This one was relevant:

I don’t think that’s an appropriate reaction, Bob

Proctor & Gamble is an official Olympic sponsor on Russian TV, too


Wayne Gretzky is making the angriest face at this noncompliant snowflake right now

Better in German

Damn lawyers and their fine print

We’re watching @footballaustria today. Already intrigued by the ads

o hai daft punk

Go on…

Damn, Pitbull’s been working out

Bon Jovi has an assigned seat with his name on it. BONJOVI SITS WHERE HE WANTS DAMMIT

We all need more drugs

Somebody disconnected Sky News’s USB drive

Auburn wins championship

Jimboface, & John Saunders stinkeye

Always-helpful Lee Corso points out where the runner went out of bounds

This looks like a really sad cocktail party

Your #TitleTalk set features a table that is almost falling over

Have a great day

Somehow I missed this surprising news


Antonio Brown watching replay of himself step out of bounds:

Denis Phillips has a lot of unanswered friend requests

When you gotta go..?

can you blame him, I mean, i find Mesut Özil irresistible too

I spy @willvrag getting a nice shot of some extracurriculars

quite the shirt

Hahha, this South Carolina student

“Get it? Drive! Because you’re a golfer!” “I’d rather have a boulevard.”

I don’t think these guys were ready to come back from commercial.

Something we missed earlier: Jim Rome being awarded a trophy and lifting it over his head.

Jaxson DeVille sighting at the Fulham match:

I made fried catfish the other night. It was delicious. This screencap is relevant

Pay no attention to the very obvious stagehand

I have trouble taking a referee named “Scooter” seriously

I see they renamed the state to something more appropriate:

Knoxie: Never not the best.

The aftermath


EVERYBODY wanted the best seat to watch Mo Rivera:


Bob Newhart has NO IDEA who this guy is.

Classic example of the ACC archetype here

These Tennessee fans are already having a bad day

That’s good parenting

Greg Schiano is depressed.