Coolio is performing “Fantastic Voyage” and he has a custom hat

Somebody get this poor guy an umbrella or a raincoat or something.

Lotta Macbooks back there.

“A Giant In The NBA.”

never not a good strategy!

Only in Arkansas

Ecuadorean footballer loves El Carmen

Shameful MLB’s pension plan is so bad Ken Griffey Jr has to work as a photojournalist to pay the bills

Fish Fry

He’s got a few blockers

He’s prayin’ real hard.

Whitlock guesting on PTI has its benefits

The Bra has nipples

Kansas fans are tearing down goalposts. What drugs did I take today


Pretty much all that needs to be said about tonight’s Magic-76ers game was just said

Your ersatz Saints coaching staff:


Great television moments

Nah that’s just a lady with her dog celebrating at the Giants game

ASN has legitimately entertaining football coverage

He’s wearing shower shoes on TV

go gata

whoa they still sell Miller Genuine Draft?

I bet she’s a Levante supporter

The full NFL owner video wall from South Park:

South Park replaced RG3, who appeared in the early version of tonight’s show, with Kirk Cousins:

Wazzu bro can’t even believe they’re only a touchdown back

EMU getting pantsed both literally and figuratively

Hey Paul. Paul! PAUL!

Muschamp & I have one thing in common: we both wear sweatpants to work

Native American burial ground, presumably

is this man drunk

12 minutes in and Saban is already fed up

That’s a good lower third.

We were promised a sexy Brazilian World Cup

Joey Chestnut proposed to his girlfriend onstage before the Hot Dog Contest

You can tell it’s not the first time Kruk has philosophized about a rib roast

What did DeMarcus Cousins do this time!?

We have a Dave Wannstedt sighting

World Cup match lead-in on Portuguese television is a TV show featuring people singing mostly American pop songs

Attention @SBNation: You were just featured on Bosnian national TV

French dudes all about that knee-huggin’ action

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

“Wear whatever red, white, & blue clothes you got.” All I have is this 1992 Chris Mullin jersey

Damn that food looks good

So this actually happened.


This is an all-time great #closedcaptioningfail

Heyyy, it’s an appearance from our favorite Marlins fan again.

We have a JT3 sighting!

It looks like six-year-olds playing soccer

OMG they killed Stuart Scott

What atrocities WON’T this White Sox broadcaster commit against man

Big Papi!

In honor of Mayor Ford this fan has a crack problem

Our boy Jimmy Patsos is just a bit sweaty.

Bay News 9 hard-hitting pregame report on our friends’ unborn child

So much rage and profanity in one studio