This is an actual Kansas State fan

Here is a Floridian showing why we should definitely NOT help decide who the president is

Up close & personal with New York Harbor jetski guy!

Chris Berman is a real pro’s pro.

Seriously what is up with this guy in the Marlins jersey and sideways visor

All of the Yankeefan stereotypes

I’m sure @drewmagary will have plenty to say about Bob Kraft sitting with Thomas Friedman:

This old, old Lane Kiffin photo /r/ by @mattufford


We don’t like Todd Graham, so we are going to give him the Kiffykins derpface treatment all season

Phillies/Man U fan is obviousface

Oh, Boomer.

Why is the ‘Nilla on my NFL Network and WHY IS HE TALKING ABOUT TEBOW

Todd Graham just got back from refereeing a World Cup qualifier

Some joker hanging out with the NASCAR drivers has a “That’s a CLOWN QUESTION BRO” shirt


Randy Edsall, 1980, Syracuse

Yes, Texas A&M, calling someone “gay” is perfectly acceptable


Continuing the trend, here’s a sign in the end zone with the very intelligent “you have a girl name” blast

Wow, the lower third actually says “Ohio Bobcats” underneath this d-bag’s face

Good point, it is actually flattering to him

Either Pitbull got big or Vin Diesel got small

Dana White infiltrates Canadian football:

2012 July 19 11 39 45

Just found a videotape of the 1994 Liberty Bowl. Why do I have this? Somehow, I was part of the halftime show:

Portland fans are reliable insofar as they are flipping the bird pretty much ALL THE TIME:

I dunno, this guy is reaching awfully far onto the field

Beau Hossler either has a very enthusiastic supporter or a very drunk heckler

What book is LeBron reading!?!

A.J. Pierzynski trying to injure people again

Here’s Red Sox fans reacting to hitting BJ Upton with a bottle. They were pretty proud

You guys! It’s YANKEEDOUCHE !!!

David Wells, reduced to choking Royals fans with baseball bats

Perhaps he’d have made the catch if a Yankee fan had not tried to interfere

Blue Jays fan is VERY EXCITED about this four-pitch walk

MULTIPLE idiot Giants fans interfering with a ball in play

Eagles fan thinks he will be drafted, thinks there is a game tonight

Red Sox fan really wants you to check out his nipple

Every time I screencap Bud Selig, he is making this exact same expression

SNY has shown this Phillies fan flipping off Jason Bay like three times already. I guess they really want me to post it

It’s Kentucky! The hair says it!

THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT. Dude who interfered with the ball is wearing a Rays cap and Yankee jersey

RG3’s in the house, so of course it’s the nerdy white kid who’s jersey-popping

Buckeye fans.

Yup, that’s a grown-ass man with his face painted

Reggie Evans with the classy “elbow a guy in the face as you’re walking off the floor” move:

Quite a tattoo this South African rugby fan has


NOT SO SUPER: Tim Burke, of

Thank you, ESPN, for not censoring the First Take replay and enabling me to get a proper SAS flipping off Bayless screencap

UFC promos are pretty much indistinguishable from WWE ones


When we eat the rich, let’s start with these jerks who walk back to their courtside seat while the ball is in play

Yes, you made him miss that kick. Embrace your glory

Red Yankees cap, in England, flat brim, worn crooked? I think I found the world’s biggest db

Famous Actor Hopes Nobody Notices He’s Standing Next To George Lopez

Yes, Syracuse fan, this is exactly what Dr. King was talking about ht @zibby42

Jon Bon Jovi is cold.

1. Nick Lachey went to Miami, not UC. 2. He is not someone of which to be proud, Bearcats fans