too many cooks

Also there is an Aston Villa supporter wearing a dildo as a hat

Buckeyes fans, everybody

When did The Mountaineer turn into such a choad?

Dr. OZ is currently mishandling a spray bottle labeled “EBOLA”

Return Of The Kiffykins Derpface

lol check out this douche with the terrible taste in surrealist art

what a loser

This deserves to be shared with everyone.

Lack of sunglasses keeps this from being Peak Heat Fan


And here is said Wizards fan who is asking to get his ass beat


Terrible news, everyone. HE HAS INFILTRATED SPORTS

You’re doing it wrong, Yankeefan

Calhoun is unimpressed by Google Glass guy

And here’s some dickhead in a dirty white cap looking right into a live TV camera

Oh hi Rob Ford

Can’t imagine why nobody else wanted to ride in this car with Skip Bayless & Colin Cowherd

Right above the S in the ESPN sign here

This kid is wearing warpaint, a feather, and a Manchester United shirt with “ALABAMA” on the back

Red Sox fans put “Molina” on their Stand Up 2 Cancer sign, think it’s funny

Whole lotta Idiots On The Field.

There goes Michael Buffer, reading his notes off cards with his own photo on them again

Bob Kraft & Floyd Mayweather. So there.

Is Kiffykins homeless

Be more Auburny!

Anyway, yeah, not many Yankees fans at the game tonight, but they were all in our section for some reason:

Tony La Russa playing on an iPad at a baseball game, no doubt tracking down people impersonating him on Twitter

Meanwhile on NBC..

Texas, y’all

NBA analysis you can trust.

The great Satan

To be fair obnoxious Red Sox fan was a decently nice guy. that’s him next to me in the green Pedroia jersey:

Pete Campbellface


King Of The Bros


Josh Leuke wears stupid hats, too

Chris Brown’s dance routine involved him beating the piss out of his backup dancers, then making this horrifying face:

Idiot with a glove in the second row

GEORGETOWN BRO. Now is not the time for pride

Mavericks fan has courtside seats, is eating a burrito with his mouth open


Referees ejected a Florida Gators fan from Madison Square Garden:

Sweater guy knows what’s up.

NOT having a Real Good Time

Boob in Bra flips bird

Me, @AJHammer, @Jackie_Pepper

In which @jackdickey & I look upon something disagreeable.

My ABC affiliate just ended its inaugural coverage to cut to this

Ladies and gents, a nobleman of the Kingdom of the Bros

Here, have some derp.

Cool shirt, Buckeye fan.

I don’t think Jimmy Johnson knew he was going to be on TV, has his feet up on the desk

And your promised self-derpface!

Warning: Duke stereotype

Iowa fans: The B1G’s original douchjuices


Georgetown student coming HARD with the double-bird: