Looking forward to that “Kanas” State bowl game

ACC Network was confused about how many quarters are in a football game

Wait, who are the Packers playing?

Well, this is weird (it displayed for about 1/5 of a second on NBC)

Packers apparently using a split squad today

Poor Wake Forest! They had to play both Alabama AND Notre Dame yesterday!

Pretty sure Michael Ford did not score that touchdown, CBS

You gotta figure Vinny Del Negro being in charge of two teams at the same time had to break an NBA rule or two:

I guess the SEC kicked aTm out again?

Speaking of graphics, ESPN ditched the gradient numerals from its score box we all complained about last week:

Top to bottom: 3 March 2012, 9 November 2012, 13 November 2012

ESPN does segment called “Roethlisberger Dink & Dunk.” Sidebar reads “Roethlisberger DRINK & DRUNK”:

Donovan McNabb is running Fox’s chyron tonight:

Interesting matchup for the Eagles on Dec. 2

Dammit, ESPN.

ESPN’s college basketball score box, last season compared to this season

BREAKING: Romney did not concede; “ROMMEY” did


Somebody tell MSNBC we’re not in daylight saving time anymore

LAST NAME for President

According to CNN, John McCain has been spending millions on TV ads in Florida?

Somehow Fox forgot Hoover, Taft, B.Harrison, Cleveland, Van Buren, & both Adamses

Oh NBC10, I don’t think this is a real name

Here’s a proper screencap of “Fox News does not know where Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina are”

Later they aired this changed graphic:

I don’t think this is Brendan Gibbons

Whoops! Some preroll got on ESPNU.

Entertainment Tonight can’t even spell the name of its own host correctly

This one might even be funnier #chyronfail

Sometimes #chyronfail is #chyronwin. Here is one of those examples

ESPN’s bottom line is broken

For whatever reason, NBC has the Texans’ logo backward on the down & distance gfx

And yes, ESPN jumped the gun on the ALCS and had a bit of #chyronfail

That is not where Brisbane is, CBS

This ain’t right

Dammit ESPN. #chyronfail

And here’s Buster Olney to tell you about tonight’s A’s-Yankees game

6+0+0+6=15 #chyronfail

Hey guys look it’s CARL RIPKEN

Brainstakingly stupid #chyronfail from WNDU in South Bend’s 5pm weather tonight:

This TBS-Bleacher Report collaboration is not off on the best foot


I’m glad “Noodle And Doodle” got in the way of me (and @rsmccrary) seeing Phil make his putt


Amidst all the confusion I missed a HUGE ESPN #chyronfail:

According to @levnaginsky this should read Amherst NY, not Pittsburgh #chyronfail?

I think WNYW didn’t allocate enough time to football, expecting it to be over by 7. The result, #chyronfail (sorta)

Hey ESPN, where is “Milwaulke”??

Don’t let FSU know Notre Dame has a kicker who can hit them from 646 yards away

ESPN had a #chyronfail for the ages tonight. THAT IS NOT THE SWAMP.

Got ’em backward, boys

I think the SportsCenter set is having legitimate chyron machine problems. I mean look at this:

Oh man, ESPN is gonna be mad when they realize Nebraska is playing Arkansas STATE

ESPN confuses Georgia the country with Georgia the state

Wait, Alabama played a backup tight end at QB all game? Why didn’t I notice this? #megaFoxchyronfail

ESPN really struggling with the math today. 66 completions on 45 attempts!

Apparently AIr Force is carpet-bombing Michigan

Apparently Oklahoma State is only paying Sav State $38,500 #chyronfail

Whoever broadcast Thursday’s McNeese State at Middle Tennessee State game used soccer-style home-team-first gfx


Adam Schefter… you’ve changed

This is a next-level #chyronfail. Misspelling Cincinnati in a PROMO. Not a live graphic, A PROMO! On ESPN!

I was HOPING my favorite Nebraska player FIRSTNAME LASTNAME would get into the game!

Central Michigan really half-assed their approach to being on ESPN3, too. This is straight out of the 1980s

This says “persuasive strong crude and sexual content.” I think they mean “pervasive.”

What’s a “file goal”?

One of the worst #chyronfails in history



ESPN has used four different NFL score chyrons in the past 12 months

12 September 2011 19 September 2011 9 August 2012 13 August 2012

ESPN changed the size of its score box AGAIN. Thursday on the left, tonight on the right:


Just watched the new Red Dawn trailer. It features a #chyronfail

This year’s ESPN score box is MAMMOTH

I’m unfamiliar with the Nicaraguan soccer team “Real Estelí Underscore”

Weird-ass #chyronfail on ESPN

The Olympics can not even spell the name of their own venue correctly:

As noted by @RL_Bynum we have a #chyronfail in the spelling of our first Olympic venue:

RT @tycowman ESPN also keeps leaving out the 10 lost scholarships in there “bullet point” visual. #chyronfail

NBA TV is having some weird kind of #chyronfail issue here

WOW did Buster Posey get fat! And very tan! ht @JoeCNC

Altitude is out to beat NESN at their own “horribly-placed score box” game

Has anyone at NESN explained the unbelievably stupid score box location yet?

IT LOOKS SO WEIRD: RT @fangsbites Hey @NESN? Let’s go back to the upper left hand corner, ok?

Somebody added an extra L to @GreggDoyelCBS’ name

Perhaps you should not trust the guitar store that sells you a pedal so you can sound like “Kirk” Cobain

How good is Matt Cain? He’s even an AMERICAN LEAGUE leader despite pitching in the NL

It’s the rare “offensive word misspelled” #chyronfail

I take it back. CNN *did* have a (very brief) #chyronfail!!!


BREAKING: ESPN has declared the Miami Heat championship “null”

BREAKING: Germany gives goal to Greece upon news of increased austerity measures

Thunder win, take 2-0 NBA FInals lead

Hey @WISH_TV, what’s an “ingrediant”?

Most ironic #chyronfail ever: A misspelling of “South” at the Spelling Bee

WJCL in Savannah thinks Memorial Day is Tuesday

Torn on this one. On its face, this is a #chyronfail because Cardiff is not in England. But in a soccer league sense, it’s accurate

Not technically a #chyronfail, but BBC used a graphic from Halo to represent the U.N. Security Council

What’s a “TENNAGER”?

All I know is #BARVES was on TV but apparently you can get BARVES license plates?

That is not Jordan Nolan

TNT just pulled one of these: http://bit.ly/JXfz5f AGAIN!:

The Suns made the playoffs!

“Consecutibe”? #chyronfail

What color is GREEEN?

ESPN gave us a really trippy #chyronfail earlier

It’s okay, though, because the “assistent” referee has taken over

Tonight’s news in Miami reported on the Florida International vs Devils hockey game #chyronfail

I’m glad Giants tickets are still “availalbe”

Here’s a proper screencap of the #chyronfail @darrenrovell just tweeted out

“Fanis” protest “outise” press conference #chyronfail #chyronfail

Who are the Chicago Mariners? #chyronfail ht @thesportsgeeks

The CAN:US exchange rate for homers is apparently 1:2 #chyronfail

Ryan Leaf’s charges include being “accurate,” which anyone who saw him play knows means he was framed #chyronfail

YOU GUYS. Victor Cruz has been playing college basketball ALL SEASON and nobody noticed #chyronfail

BEST #chyronfail EVER. What’s your name? “Minor League Guy On Third”

UPDATE! The story of Minor League Guy is filled with intrigue. READ IT HERE.

ESPN’s chyron literally failed just now

Who’s “Raymond Green”??? #chyronfail

Where’s Ohama, Nebraska? #chyronfail


We have our first #chyronfail of #marchmadness

This is perhaps the most unfortunate #chyronfail in history