Spotting the team 23 runs before the game starts—bold!

What happens when the chyron fails, literally

Who are the Gonzaga Bruins


Somehow Turner is using the Lamar logo for Louisville

Weather Alert?


I guess the NCAA tournament started already

This is the most terrifying of all weather forecasts

Close, CNN, but no.

ACC Network: home of the 0-0

SportsCenter rundown was hard to read already. Overnight tried out new frontiers in illegibility

You Questions About Plane’s Fate

That didn’t take long.

Kind of a weird score box for this Northeastern-Harvard broadcast

Kirk Cameron did WHAT now!?

This is one UNBELIEVABLE #chyronfail

That’s an impressive #chyronfail

So close.



Spelling is not Florida State’s strong suit

Fox can’t/won’t provide a clean feed of the NLDS to its own Deportes channel. The FS1 bug bleeds past the FD one

In what must be a new soccer record, BOTH teams in the MLS match have scored in the FIRST EIGHT SECONDS

CNN has already given a deadly disease a nickname

ESPN doesn’t consider the Big Ten to be a Power Five conference

Which team is 3-1?


That’s a pretty weird-looking “prom,” KTTV

Who the hell is “Jane Austin”?

Whose neck did they paste Boomer Esiason’s face onto

C’mon, he’s only the greatest quarterback in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history.


New score box for the new Thursday Night Football era.


That’s quite the lower third, CBS

ESPN not up to date on FSU’s logo

You either forgot the cycle, or you forgot the matte

Glorious #chyronfail

Your first glimpse of the American Sports Network gfx pkg:

Wow, that FS1 score box is… something.

Most preseason broadcasters use the gfx pkg of their affiliate network. WFLA does not; its NFL graphics feature SWORDS

SEC Network Bottom Line slightly more intrusive than the other ESPN Networks, barely

The dangers of using screen shots on live TV


Like last year, Fox Deportes is using the generic international feed ASG graphics pkg:

Seriously, who does ESPN have working for them tonight?

ESPN having a rough night.

ESPN can predict the future

Leave You Guns At Home

Algerian TV doesn’t use the FIFA score box, either

YEP. BET #chyronfail’d its Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

She supports a gay right. Only one of them, though, not the others


Jabari Parker somehow gained six pounds the moment Milwaukee drafted him

Citizens of the state of Rubio are very proud of their senator

SRF Zwei the first channel I have seen so far that is showing the score of the other match onscreen:

Monumental day. New ESPN gfx pkg. It’s unreadable

SBS (Korea) score box. (Russia uses std FIFA)

Your Iranian TV World Cup score box.