Mets fan can’t bear to watch

An elated Mike Breen & depressed Jeff Van Gundy, surrounded by confetti:

Weird Faces: Sweden Edition

Harrington’s “bummer” face

Matthew Perry thinks this performance of “God Bless America” is bullshit

Sad Russians.

He’s sad because they ran out of beer.

The agony of Dane-feat.


I have a few ways, but this is easiest: RT @jonlustig How do you test for stuff like that?

Devils fan in agony

Oh yes. RT @edsbs Clint Dempsey’s bitchpleaseface right now: STRONG.

Getting caught up on #madmen because I had no power on Sunday. Here is Peggy Lobsterface

The agony of defeat.


(Ain’t even mad)



Mike Mathenyface h/t @amandarykoff

Hellas: Land Of The Amazing Soccerface

U MAD, Lakers?

The Passion Of The Bochy

This couple’s first date is at the D’Backs game. From the look on her face, it’s gonna be their last date too

Season tickets, cast away in the rain.


Sad Grizzlies fan

Butthurt Grizzlies fan, by /r/ of everyone

Various hockey fans would find use of this

A concerned Gary Thorne worries the Orioles streaker got on TV

Uh.. Pirates fans

Mike Tomlin is at the Pirates game, is not enjoying it

Butthurt Man U fans!

Your quintessential Bobby V screencap for the game

Guy takes his bride to the Newcastle match ON HIS WEDDING DAY. She looks so “happy”

Angel Pagan did NOT react well to getting the bunt sign

Okay RT @jessespector I hope @bubbaprog got a grab of Messi’s “who farted?” face.

Bobby Valentine is basically a cartoon character at this point

Because Pete Campbell jealousyface #madmen


I like the shocked look on the face of the little kid

Butthurt Everton fans


Truly this is the face of pain

Bobby V’s face after Ortiz attempted to steal second base

When a redhead’s finger is pointing at you… #madmen

Joan death stare.

This Bubba Watson screencap is one of the greatest ever. So many faces.

Why yes, an Orioles fan did flip the double-bird after Matt Wieters’ home run tonight

Crying Jayhawk fan, 2012 edition

Don Draper does Don Draper things #madmen

.@penlovespaper: “I love crying Buckeyefan”

Buckeye fan is DESPERATE for a high-five


Tribal tat bro CAN’T BEAR TO WATCH

The evil eye, Olson style #madmen

srs pete cambell is srs

Don Draper is very surprised #madmen

Roy Williams pointing out the spot the maid missed cleaning the floor is not as funny as the guy behind him

Jim Boeheim does his best Larry David impersonation