Ginger Louisville fan flips the double-bird

This is the best subtitle in the history of subtitling

James Brown reacts to being told he has to interview the E-Trade baby

The agony of the Arsene

Young Winnipeg fan is so sad :-(

“This is some turrible basketball.”

Rick Stansbury MAD

“I was told there would be barbecue.”

Could Thad Matta possibly look more like Mr. Magoo?

Looks like there’s at least one Texans fan at the game

2012 January 13 1 40 54

Let the internets flow with the healing LeBron butthurt

The Passion Of The ‘Bron

U MADebayor

I have been derelict of duty this season to bring you Darryl Sutterface. So here you go

Sad LSU fan is sad.

And here is your “dazed Jordan Jefferson”


Even @Buck thinks this game is ugly

“I am in a world of shit.”

Someone farted. I think I found both he who smelt it and he who dealt it

I think I found the Clemson fan who chewed mescaline before the game

There are a minimum of two amazingly awesome things about this screencap

Sad-looking nerd must be even more sad-looking now

Jerry Jones: The iconic image

Attn: Romoface


Man City butthurt


Pat Fitzgerald is frowning AS HARD AS HE CAN

Pitino: incredulous


Amesians in New York City are a funny thing


BK ain’t even mad



Mavericks fans are still despondent about yesterday’s game

Ishmael Smith reacts to not getting the iPad he wanted for Christmas

Love the subtlety of the double-bird

Hey, John McEnroe’s yelling about something, never saw that before


Sun Devil fan’s already got the 1,000-yard stare

Wimp Sanderson is easily the crankiest basketball commentator on the planet. He is the anti-Dickie V.

ASU loses on buzzer-beater; horns-clad Sun Devil fan reacts

The Passion Of The Manning

Eli MANNINGFACE–the gift that keeps on giving

The Naked & The Butthurt

The Jaundiced & The Butthurt

Okay fine crying Jerry Jones kid

Jerry Jones reax: that crappy punt

Romosafety derpface!

No Frank Martin is not happy

For example, scared ref:

Says it all

WHOA WHOA WHOA with the offensive gestures

Huggy Bear’s in need of one

Rinaldi prohibited by contract from smiling

Fergie isn’t butthurt so much as he is in utter disbelief

I don’t quite know why, but Hokie fan does butthurt better than anybody else

Image that defines a season: USF

Per @CardsFan922 this is now “Sad Clemson Russian Mail Order Bride”

I had no idea Hayden Panettiere was a Clemson fan

Depressed Clemson ladies

Did someone say Brian Kelly face?

The agony of being a Clemson fan

Why yes, I did capture some Ohio State butthurt

Swaddle yourself in Manu butthurt


I guess this fan thought the saying was “Eat banana split, Pitt”

I love this juxtaposition of WVU fans

Holgo ain’t even mad.

So, yeah, this Miami fan is a bit pissed

John Wall & Demarcus Cousins look ecstatic to be sitting with Andy Katz

Rex Ryan, in the state of the hurt of the butt

Jets fan angry about being at a football game


The OBC is staring into your soul.

Never say die, at Texas Tech, guns amidst the butthurt

Texas Tech fans are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome

Mace evasion.

Raheem Morris seems a bit upset with Legarrette Blount

In which the “butthurt” category breaks due to excess

Grandma’s mad


EPL sign-trolling from an angry Blackburn fan

Jim Tressel is really playing up the bad boy image

Butthurt Ashley Cole makes me happy

2011 October 31 23 42 48

2011 October 31 20 35 35

Jon Gruden wants to know who farted

2011 October 30 19 16 35

Did someone say they wanted butthurt Tom Brady?

2011 October 30 0 16 46

Kiffykins sadface 🙁

2011 October 29 21 15 31

8-ball discovers his most recent purchase was baking soda

2011 October 29 20 23 21

Some of you are aficionados of butthurt Auburn fan pictures. Voila

2011 October 29 19 59 40


2011 October 29 17 16 30

In which Winnie The Pooh swaps personalities with Eeyore

2011 October 29 16 27 11

Brian Kelly is going through his valley girl phase

2011 October 29 16 24 30

Joe Paterno is bored.

2011 October 29 13 31 50

Something I learned today: they have collars in Arkansas

2011 October 29 13 14 54

“Quit asking me questions kid I wanna get out of this godawful weather”

2011 October 28 23 19 34

Look at the pain in Nolan Ryan’s eyes. Advil won’t solve that

2011 October 27 23 55 25

Nolan Ryan is going to murder someone tonight

2011 October 27 22 58 42

The face of Cardinal pain

2011 October 27 22 31 25

Your latest in a series of images of Nolan Ryan in an unhappy state

2011 October 27 20 14 20

Bowden Alert

2011 October 23 22 28 41

This sign makes me sad.

2011 October 23 16 21 56

Clay Matthews has a message for you

2011 October 23 13 5 23

Siragusa complains about the lack of quality food in London

2011 October 23 1 22 22

Sad Sooner fan, part three

2011 October 23 1 20 30

Sad Sooner fan, part two

2011 October 23 1 18 30

Sad Sooner fan, part one

2011 October 23 1 16 56

And lo they said we would not be deprived Stoopsface

2011 October 22 23 30 45

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat

2011 October 22 22 41 31

Brian Kelly’s jaw unhinges like a snake when he really needs to scream at someone

2011 October 22 21 39 35

Washington fan comes to grips with fact he is a Washington fan

2011 October 22 21 25 9

There is a new addition to the library of perturbed Nolan Ryans

2011 October 22 20 30 25

Nick Saban has sadface

2011 October 22 19 57 21

Brian Kelly is :-(-ing as hard as he can

2011 October 22 17 7 40

Butthurt Auburn fan alert

2011 October 22 16 45 33

Inb4 jokes about what Frank Solich could use that quarter for