The Milanese have PAC-MAN FEVER

Indeed he is

Only in Jacksonville would Arena Football be brought to you by Maritime Welding & Shipfitting

It’s father-son Donghat day at Bolton

Convincing evidence that Fernando Rodney is, actually, a robot

“Hey dad, what are you going to wear to the NCAA tournament game?” “An ill-fitting LeBron shirt, of course.”

We have a wat sighting

Here is Don Cherry’s outfit tonight, complete with St. Patrick’s Day Pimp Cup

Those are some jaded sportswriters

Frank Haith: not so sure about Craig Sager’s bracket tie

Dennis Rodman Lakers jersey spotted at the Real Madrid-CSKA Moscow match

Now Obama is making people levitate, just to impress the Prime Minister

Steven Gerrard is the father

“Magic later sold this coat to Howard Eskin, who still wears it on the Eagles sideline to this day”

St. Mary’s T-shirts HAVE FAKE BELTS

Steve Alford is ballin’ with his dirty hardware

Here’s Andre Walker’s mismatched shoes, due to them falling apart and him running out

BREAKING: Bob Knight caught smiling in response to Lamar winning the Southland tourney

Now she has Twizzlers AND Jolly Ranchers.

Woman With Twizzlers Is Very Excited About Having Twizzlers

No idea what’s going on here, but Caroline Wozniacki just pulled her bf Rory McIlroy out of the crowd & gave him a racquet

Dwyane Wade: Too sexy for his shirt. (Also #chyronfail)


Knicks fan… Knicks fan.



It is raining, it is cold, and they are forcing race fans to listen to this:

Ricky Rubio is now a Guinness World Record-holder

There are few things weirder than soccer being played in an indoor baseball stadium

Did Spike Lee come to the game by himself, or is this his crew?

This is what happens when you get too much boom in your shakalaka

Miss Finger Lake, everyone

Wait, is this for real? SportsNation fans are trying to Occupy @dpshow? There are two dudes with signs:

Charles Barkley, getting a manicure/pedicure.

Is this the same bro who sat on the Mavs bench at that game in Detroit?

Apparently the Nationals Presidents do this for the Islanders game every Presidents Day

I don’t bring you enough Don Cherry outfit screencaps. So here:

I think they cut our numbers out of old motherboards. Check that crazy pattern!

This is not telestrator dong, but it’s telestrator mess.

Screencap of the week stars Don King

There is but one word for this: wat

That is indeed VICTOR CRUZ in the SECOND ROW at the Grammy Awards

Is this the weirdest hat ever worn by a college student to a basketball game?

2012 February 5 18 22 13

El luchador de la Indiana es muy gordo

What brings the freaks out? ABA basketball, that’s what


1. Bringing your iPad to a baseball game 2. Taking photos with it!?

¿Por que es Carnival en mi beisbol?

Kwon Alexander announces he’s signing with LSU by showing off.. suspenders

What was Scott Hartnell doing during Drake’s performance!?

Tim Hardaway is at the Ohio-Ball State game and is wearing a ridiculous sweater

The Batman ain’t what he used to be

OPA WIM must be so proud.

T-Pain, Morris Day, & Vanilla Ice. What are upcoming Pistons halftime performances?

Power outage at Clemson!

Howard Schnellenberger and Bobby Bowden boxing. Yes

It’s the King of Canada! You’d think His Highness would have better seats

Cavs vice-chairman Jeff Cohen wishes his boss, Dan Gilbert, happy birthday in an unusual way

Charles Barkley with Ukulele Kid