It appears Reds analyst Chris Welsh has ransacked Craig Sager’s closet

Dunno what this is but kudos to Canada on the stoner-friendliness of your children’s programming

Now batting for the Yankees, Spike Lee

Now playing left back for the Timbers, Justin Smoke


You guys, Robert Blake is going nuts on CNN right now, and look at what he’s wearing:

As noted by @iracane here is Andruw Jones eating a plaintain in the dugout

Yes, Serena is a robot sent from the year 1985. Just look at her watch

The Hot Dog Contest has cheerleaders:

X Games budgets being slashed, they hired a cigarette-smoking hobo to man the red flag

If you’re not hip to the Rays’ crazy jerseys tonight, well, here you go

Whatever @penlovespaper is watching, the host is saying some really absurd, contradictory things:

Minnesota Vikings NFC North Champions!!!

Sorry, Germany! Your Euro is in another castle!

Santa Claus, in a Cardinals shirt, at the Marlins game

Finally have a proper screencap of Travis Wood’s bizarre wardrobe malfunction tonight:

..who is this guy!?

Luke Scott’s in Durham on a rehab stint, but wearing his Rays batting helmet:

Why is ESPN giving Ian & Macca the Barbara Walters soft focus?

Dwyane Wade homage to Dwayne Wayne!

Now BASKETBALL has a Cigar Guy

Bubba Watson’s at the Mets game, and appropriately-garbed:

Oh, yeah, U.S. Open spectators are totally normal

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a boxer DRIVEN TO THE RING


Charles Barkley’s pre-game pump-up music was Mariah Carey

In “the most glamorous place in the world,” Scottie Pippen went out in public WEARING THIS

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a team celebrate a walkoff win in the outfield

AAAAAAAAAAAAND it’s Darth Vader throwing out the first pitch

Looks like the Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson attended tonight’s Pirates game, & came dressed as the cover to Amorica

Maybe don’t make the paper the same color as the green screen?

Russell Westbrook’s shirt illustrates the nautical international code of signals (no, really that’s what it is)


Not paying much attn to the ACC tournament but WHAT IS THAT DOG DOING THERE

Is Houston an especially colorful city or does WGN have their chroma cranked up too high?

Brewers bananaman is back, much to the dismay of the woman sitting next to him

This man has had a lot of peanut butta jellies in his time

Hey, look! A fake streaker!

Who’s the joker wearing a Batman hat right next to Jack Nicholson?

This man is a professional athlete about to compete in a very important game.

…the hell is this shirt?

Now entering the game, random Sixers fan

What’s with all these Liverpool supporters at a Bolton Wanderers match?

What.. is this child wearing!?


She went to Prom but instead went to a baseball game and wore a wedding dress to Prom at the baseball game

In Cincinnati, it’s always Oktoberfest

Apparently fans rush the field and tear down the goalposts in soccer, too

This image of your Giants broadcasters presented without comment

Dan Uggla is being targeted by Robocop

I’ll use Vin Scully’s words to describe this scene at Dodger Stadium: “Well, there you go.”

Hey, look, Jim Knox is shocked by something a man in a gorilla suit did


Especially interested in what’s on tap? THESE PEOPLE.

There is a guy wearing a Teletubbie head behind home plate in Chicago

This Cubs team sure is a loving bunch.

There is a reason behind this, but let’s just go with Texas Rangers Reporter Wearing Miami Heat Jersey At Baseball Game


Yo, what’s up with this dude’s tie

Hell YEAH I got my hula hoop at a college basketball concert