Liverpool supporter in a Georgetown hat

This was just on BBC News. I have no idea what it is, and they did not explain it.

There’s a lot of bad ideas here

That man is wearing a GoPro

So much going on here.

I had no idea Canada had barbecue, let alone a BBQ champion. Is Canada BBQ tomato, mustard, or vinegar-based?

Fox Sports 1 blurring out the Cazadores logo from Sonnen-Silva. All other logos left alone?

Odd disclaimer?

Bunny is sad. Gorilla is sad.

Who could possibly eat this much popcorn!?

Today in WAT: Marlins Fans

Pregnant Mexico fan painted her belly to look like a soccer ball

“I chill in deep space/A mask is over my face” applies to a lot of Mets fans

In the U.S. golf spectators wear horse heads. Here’s what they wear in the UK:

Oh my, Brewers fan

This is what happens when you combine the Oakland Athletics with PEANUT BUTTA JELLY TIME

For Shane Battier, being champions means not having to wear shoes:

Iran still working on that whole “pool microphone” concept.

Carmelo Anthony fan, what are you doing there

Catchers in full gear hanging out a second base, something you don’t see every day

This is a totally reasonable thing to wear to a basketball game

Mike Tyson is performing at the Tony Awards, in case you were in need of some more surrealism in your life:

There used to be a band called the Jesus And Mary Chain. Here’s the Jesus part of them

Seriously, Camp Nou is 2/3 full for this:

TV station watermarking this J.J. Barea interview WSHH-style? Weird


Somebody get these people some tacos

This man brought an actual bear to the Grizzlies game

USD has quite the jerseys

2013 May 24 23 20 20

European olive oil rules, declares Al-Jazeera


Power is still out in this Cruz Azul-Monarcas match:

So Screaming Spurs Fan is one of the people in this image:

Just a Caps fan COMPLETELY PASSED OUT & a kid who can’t keep his fingers out of his orifices

Things you don’t expect to see on the news:

I.. have no idea what is going on here.

Don Cherry is especially understated tonight:

Meanwhile in the Rays dugout…

Don Cherry’s outfit tonight is Bruins-themed:


Carl Crawford needs to stop getting dressed in the dark

This is what is on NBC right now. NBC News uses Windows 98.


That is not a shirt with which one should wear a tie.

“Which a-hole invited the guy from San Jose!?”

What is going on here

Tiger hipsters. Tigsters.

Cool Minnie Mouse backpack you got there

Baseball season means lots of screencaps of interesting-looking fans.

Sager’s Easter outfit

Don Cherry’s attire tonight is Easter-themed:

No old man has ever eaten a candy bar with as much loathing as this man behind Walt Frazier

srsly what is up with Kenny Smith’s vest

Coaching staves in Euroleague wear the same outfits!

Ice crystals are growing on Jermaine Jones’s head.

This is totally normal

Tonight’s Don Cherry outfit

I have no idea what is on my TV right now except Brian Knobbs is involved and they are chainsawing a chair

Questions you didn’t know anybody wanted the answer to: