2016 May 30 21 7 3

2016 May 26 21 40 58

2016 May 22 23 1 52

2016 May 16 22 50 52

2016 May 2 20 59 30

hey man you do you

who is that man

Why doesn’t Kornheiser have one of these

Here is what Don Cherry is wearing tonight

Here’s what Don Cherry is wearing tonight:

Why does this Ohio State fan have a microphone

I see Peter Wright has upgraded his head tattoo



YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO COOK THE BACON FIRST also open the package and stuff

Mark Richt what are you doing


You’ll never guess who the sponsor of this soccer broadcast is:

Tonight on Outside The Lines, it’s sports betting talk with people wearing hats




Check out my cigar yo

But seriously can someone check on Sleeping Beauty here I’m actually concerned about him

Meanwhile I am watching the UTSA-FAU game on what appears to be the “Red McCombs Toyota Network”

I think more announcing teams need to cuddle with each other in the booth

I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation for this

soccer is weird

What the hell is Whitlock wearing

Live from this historic moment in Scotland, the discovery of a basketball arena

What in the hell is going on here CBS

I see Whitesnake is touring again

Screencap of the year candidate?


Medical personnel at Colombian soccer matches wear helmets?

This man is holding an inner tube, for some reason

Always a bit disconcerting to see Knoxie wearing a suit, inside a studio

This is what ESPN3 covering video games looks like

Looking good, Tim Kurkjian.

I think your “Toronto American League Baseball Club” shirt might be counterfeit, buddy

This is what Don Cherry wears to a baseball game

Interesting rice brands they sell in Ghana. Because when I think Rice, I think of Chicago.

Ghana TV ad for a bank showed people grabbing vuvuzelas to gather around a TV airing… ABC?

“Enhancements” detected.

Ah yes, the traditional World Cup tribute to broccoli.

What am I watching

These people are wearing the same shirt. No, like, it’s one shirt with two people in it


Here is your Eurovision Song Contest winner

Why is there an umpire hanging out in right field


Zab Judah clad entirely in Brooklyn Nets camouflage.

Ultimate Warrior allegedly dead. Here’s how he looked last night on RAW:

Can’t see at all why UConn is struggling

There’s a Fox Sports 3!?

Meanwhile my ESPN Deportes is displaying burned-in closed captioning. Which isn’t bad, insofar as learning Spanish goes


Auburn has a cricket team!?

One is the loneliest number

This guy…