Horrendous? Wrong, this sweater is outstanding

DePaul beats Pitt, storms the court

This is perhaps the greatest screencap ever, starring @edsbs & @ClayTravisBGID “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”

And the official family photo: Temple beats Duke, storms the court

That’s quite the paisley ascot Larry Fitzgerald’s wearing

We’ve taken this “definitive” Winter Classic screencap four years running now:

The Rangers’ uniforms look fantastic under the skies


“Stiffarmed By The Quarterback: An NFL Cautionary Tale”

Indeed it is


That is quite the shirt @GottliebShow is wearing

This is where Blake Griffin picked up his dribble. He dunked the ball.

“Coach wrote words my mom says I’m not allowed to say.”

Yes. RT @edsbs Wait, wait: did FIU’s ad show them DRINKING IN CLASS?

Only Tebow himself has perfect form when Tebowing

Beautiful snow in Buffalo

“brb one-hand catching”



24/7’s been kind of boring thus far but it did provide a pretty screencap

MTSU beats Belmont, storms the court


SUPERMAN SOCKS #clashclashclash

We’ve highlighted Army’s play cards before, but since @DrSaturday brought it up…

There are a lot of badass triathletes but this is the baddest ass of them all

It’s awesome enough to have Mount Union D-III football in HD, but REGGIE DOGG ON THE MIC!??

Whatever the ruling will be, this is an extraordinary act of athleticism

Maybe the best catch ever that wasn’t a catch

I have a bit of a fetish for taking these particular screencaps of Gatorade

My favorite football screencaps to take are not of injuries, they are this:

Also, BC Lions are your Grey Cup champions:

Your first STORMING THE COURT of the 2012 season (I think) comes from UNLV

Things that are awesome: the Bayou Classic

Go ahead and frame this one, Michigan fans

Kentucky rushes the field.

A 30fps screencap has appeared on a Gameday sign for (I think) the first time:

The face of a Buckeye-beater

Kneeling at midfield

I think this is the shot of the night

Awesome, period

And yes, there was a giant FIRE CRAIG JAMES banner

Things that are pretty

You’ll have to take my word for it this seeing the entire east stands full of people in black is an awesome sight.

By /r/ here’s the full Ohio blackout uniform

2011 October 31 23 25 20

2011 October 31 17 4 44

2011 October 29 23 49 56

2011 October 29 18 44 7

2011 October 29 18 7 33

2011 October 29 17 53 24

2011 October 29 16 56 44

2011 October 29 16 52 30

2011 October 29 12 25 35

2011 October 27 22 1 13

2011 October 22 23 30 45

2011 October 22 19 38 14

2011 October 22 19 11 41

2011 October 22 15 32 56

2011 October 16 21 25 25