Felix Sanchez embraces your appreciation:


When it comes to hair, though, this Cuban judoka has the best in the Games:

Even Phelps can’t believe it:

The aforementioned smile:

Khatuna Lorig lost her bronze medal final, but she did manage to hit a PERFECT BULLSEYE:

Your oldest Olympian, Hiroshi Hoketsu, is competing right now. Hope I look this good at 71:

Because this Aly Raisman shot is even better in broadcast HD

She knew she’d done it:

A different kind of tears for Aly Raisman.

Screencap of the Olympics

American Marti Malloy wins bronze in judo. Her coach is EXCITED!!

The canoe slalom course looks like the most awesome swimming pool ever

If you haven’t seen fencing, here’s what it looks like:

U.S. archers celebrate upset win over Korea:



Pat Fitzgerald’s tie is just outstanding

The Angels are giving away a Howie Kendrick KITE. That’s almost as cool as DJ Kitty hand puppet.

Pretty much every wrestler in this image has been featured in a @Deadspin Virgilbag at some point

.@dennisdoddcbs is wearing a very unique jacket:


The channels are 1080i (obviously) at 20Mbps with 5.1 Dolby Digital. Currently airing this:

Mike Marry has exquisite facial hair.

The OBC sporting the garnet sportcoat

Sugar Ray Leonard, looking.. pimp?

Edwin Encarnacion just hit a baseball into the restaurant ABOVE the Honda sign

Miami Marlins playing Ken Griffey Baseball on SNES

YOU GUYS. Free ZUBAZ PANTS with purchase of Tigers-Yankees game ticket!!!

Pretty much the best moment in baseball TV history as Dewayne & BA riff: “Tonight’s game coming to you in HIGH… DEF.”


Wonderful news. I have access to an exciting new television channel now

Ladies & gents, here are two teams who get throwback jerseys right

IMPORTANT: There are Rays fans in England

Screw Murray-Ferrer. I’m watching this match

Ryan Lochte wore a pretty amazing t-shirt tonight…

Nice to see @CassidyHubbarth with an update break on ESPNNEWS. She should have a bigger presence across the networks

Your vital image of the game is Kent coach Scott Stricklin calling for the appeal to third:

That is one amazing tattoo on the leg of Daniele de Rossi

There are many awesome sights in motorsports. This is one of my favorites

This is pure beauty to me, from a motorsports standpoint

Per @FSOhioZJackson, the CM on Kent’s caps is for C Jason Bagoly’s mother Cheryl McHenry, who died on Thursday:

Because, hey, cool Kevin Durant screencaps are cool

Florida’s rugby shirts are amazing. This dude’s rat-tail, not so much

YOU GUYS. Mackerel Jordan was involved in Beadle’s send-off from SportsNation today #zooperstars

For those curious what CSS looks like in HD

AMERICA! (and Canada! thanks for the arm, hosers!)

Badass Tifo, for a Champions League final

Eli Manning in the Hendrix guitar-on-fire tribute

Barça fans out in full with the tributes to Pep. This one is especially touching

I love love love love love Peggy’s jumper

Harry Canary is in the house!

ZOOPERSTARS ARE IN JACKSONVILLE! I see they brought Squidney Crosby today

This was an actual frame of a commercial TV show, and it is fantastic #madmen

Sometimes the simplest Tifos are the most breathtaking


Here’s a very rare 1080i screencap of the Marlins home run sculpture in action just now

Regardless, Lane Pryce celebrating England’s victory is worth a screencap

Here you go! RT @mighty_flynn Would love to see a screen cap of Ohman’s socks. Please.

I believe I spy @YankeeMeginPHL!