There’s an Ohio Bobcat basketball player in this year’s NCAA Tournament after all:

Wish they could find a way to run the NCAA Basketball Tournament like this

LIU has an actual blackbird in attendance

Robert Morris beats Kentucky, storms the court

Sager’s bracket tie:

Oh, yeah, nobody cares about MLS

I believe we have a @VCUPav sighting

If you can spare a screen, there is some beauty happening over on NBC:

Shot is clearly off in time:

JT wearing a Memphis Tigers shirt


What a sight to see in the Convocation Center:

Fernando Rodney cap status: PERFECT

So yes, this is happening right now

Oh yeah: Penn State beats Michigan, storms the court

Minnesota beats Indiana, storms the court

Attn @robcwv

Also, if you haven’t seen what Wake Forest is wearing today:

Matt Lauerhead!

.@notthefakeSVP very swag with what looks to be a brown suede jacket

This is amazing

Custom UEFA Champions League windscreens for Gus Johnson & Warren Barton:

Wisconsin beats Michigan, storms the court

Here’s what your HD All-22 looks like:

Giant heads are played out. Giant red Solo cups, though, I am down with

.@PaulPabst looking sharp in a vintage Kent State shirt today:

Oldham Athletic beats Liverpool, storms the court. Erm, invades the pitch

Obama taking one last look out at the crowd was a priceless moment

Here is the amazing draught pull for the @dpshow/Red Hook “Audible” beer

Oh man, this is amazing. Aussie Open viewing will never be the same (did they have this in HD last year?)

Hawai’i’s Isaac Fotu has a Fellaini-level Fro:

This man is held up as the pinnacle of athletic achievement:

Oh god the Corso Tree hat

This man looks much more interesting than the usual guest on American news shows

The nuns approve!

The Fox Box snow **IS** accumulating!!

If you haven’t seen the Sandy Hook jerseys Xavier is wearing today against Wofford, here you go:

Mike Fratello-branded chocolate bar!!!

Hey, it’s @emmaspan!

Here’s @KatieLinendoll sporting the light-up dress her mom made on the Today show this morning:

UConn’s pregame moment of silence:

I think CBSSN knows what they’re doing with this segment.

Check it out everybody it’s @bkabak’s face on TV!

Absolutely gorgeous sports scene in Zagreb right now:

Former MAC quarterback Charlie Batch is brought to tears by news a MAC team will play in a BCS bowl:

LA Galaxy are MLS champs. Landon Donovan was more than a bit emotional:

Messing with Deuce is a big mistake.

Cal Poly’s bench as time expired in their win over UCLA:

Dunno but HE IS AMAZING:

BTW, there is snow football on right now.

Saints-Raiders is an especially monochromatic football game:

Cam Newton gave a kid the football. The kid was pretty excited:

Baylor elation.

Here’s @WhereIsEDSBS’s dad on #gameday:

Ahhhhhh Charlie Brown Christmas tree #gameday

Oh, man, one of my favorite #gameday signs of all time:


AFC Wimbledon has a portable tunnel they drag in and out to protect opposing players from being abused:

TCU has a security guard with an amazing haircut

Flagpole head lady on South Park: