Fox Sports 1 bringing at least one thing ESPN doesn’t: gambling odds.

Your Fox Sports 1 ticker:

Holy crap my hometown is playing right now on ESPN3!!!!!

NBC’s Premiership overflow channels are live. Here’s what they’re currently airing:

Excellent job by ABC to show a bit of context for today’s baby-unveiling:

GOLTV’s Ascenso Division match video only available in SD, so they’re using rest of screen to show score & lineups:

Very different graphics on the Deportes broadcast as well. Examples:

Truly one of the great moments in broadcast sports history

The Canadian Randy Savage.

Everything about this image. Everything

Oh, a nice shot of @RaysWhiteBoard on Sun Sports tonight

Something I’m sure @sepinwall noticed.. our closing shot of Peggy, compared with the opening shot of the series premiere:

“lost at sea” telegram:

The most swag soccer manager in the world

LeBron ain’t even mad

There is a fan in a Stephen Curry jersey at the game tonight in primo seats:

Why I love @ReutersStream

Soccer is great because even dudes getting destroyed can point to the heavens in celebration

When you’re Geddy Lee, you’re never too old for a soul patch.

The Don Draper, in repose with tumbler on chest

Just now noticed Chelsea Roffey, my favorite referee in any sport, is calling this match on goal

It’s @MichelleDBeadle’s dad:

I spy Michael Pemulis, whose supplies no doubt helped to rowdy up the crowd

Your #USMNT tifo:

Interesting: ESPN3’s English-language coverage of the UEFA U-21 tournament is from TSN.

And a screencap of Pete toking on the couch for good measure.

WatchESPN running a GoalLine/BuzzerBeater-style channel called “Bases Loaded” during NCAA tournament:

Interesting onscreen graphic from Romanian TV warns viewers they’re about to see “images that will affect you emotionally”

This is it. This is neat.

I like this screencap.

Bob Benson’s shorts tho

Some of you asked for a screencap of the wild finish of that Indy Lights race. Here you are:

Minnesota pitching coach Todd Oakes wearing a surgical mask on a mound visit. He has leukemia

Welcome to the new era!

PENS MIGHTIER #chyronwin

Frank Solich & Jim Christian repping the Bobcats at today’s Tribe game:

Sky News is broadcasting live from Cleveland:

BeIN has an actual live human being on the scene of a match for once!

Aww, look! It’s @jonahkeri hanging out next to @TampaBayTK

Quite the tifo from Benfica.

Federer in the house!

This is one of the best frames I’ve seen on #madmen in years

(The context for previous tweet:

I’m fond of this Fox News fullscreen.

Lil’ Rickie Fowler!!

Have never seen this before: An ESPNW network-branded broadcast

You guys! @TampaBayTK with the SWAG jacket.


Your newest entry in the Screencap Hall of Fame:

Lucha Libre D-Backs fans!

So I have a local Greek TV station. They have a talk show. This is what it looks like

Oooh, fancy new MLB dot TV background

Aussie Rules whiteboards have Ford sponsorships:

The thrill of victory.


ABC to report actor Morgan Freeman was in attendance for tonight’s Warriors game

Love this La Salle screencap.

Not an especially useful desk at the moment.

Today’s winner: whoever is doing the closed captioning for CBS

The Rev. is in attendance

There’s an Ohio Bobcat basketball player in this year’s NCAA Tournament after all:

Wish they could find a way to run the NCAA Basketball Tournament like this

LIU has an actual blackbird in attendance

Robert Morris beats Kentucky, storms the court

Sager’s bracket tie:

Oh, yeah, nobody cares about MLS

I believe we have a @VCUPav sighting

If you can spare a screen, there is some beauty happening over on NBC:

Shot is clearly off in time:

JT wearing a Memphis Tigers shirt


What a sight to see in the Convocation Center:

Fernando Rodney cap status: PERFECT

So yes, this is happening right now

Oh yeah: Penn State beats Michigan, storms the court

Minnesota beats Indiana, storms the court

Attn @robcwv

Also, if you haven’t seen what Wake Forest is wearing today:

Matt Lauerhead!

.@notthefakeSVP very swag with what looks to be a brown suede jacket

This is amazing

Custom UEFA Champions League windscreens for Gus Johnson & Warren Barton:

Wisconsin beats Michigan, storms the court

Here’s what your HD All-22 looks like:

Giant heads are played out. Giant red Solo cups, though, I am down with

.@PaulPabst looking sharp in a vintage Kent State shirt today:

Oldham Athletic beats Liverpool, storms the court. Erm, invades the pitch

Obama taking one last look out at the crowd was a priceless moment

Here is the amazing draught pull for the @dpshow/Red Hook “Audible” beer

Oh man, this is amazing. Aussie Open viewing will never be the same (did they have this in HD last year?)

Hawai’i’s Isaac Fotu has a Fellaini-level Fro:

This man is held up as the pinnacle of athletic achievement:

Oh god the Corso Tree hat

This man looks much more interesting than the usual guest on American news shows

The nuns approve!

The Fox Box snow **IS** accumulating!!

If you haven’t seen the Sandy Hook jerseys Xavier is wearing today against Wofford, here you go:

Mike Fratello-branded chocolate bar!!!

Hey, it’s @emmaspan!

Here’s @KatieLinendoll sporting the light-up dress her mom made on the Today show this morning:

UConn’s pregame moment of silence:

I think CBSSN knows what they’re doing with this segment.

Check it out everybody it’s @bkabak’s face on TV!

Absolutely gorgeous sports scene in Zagreb right now:

Former MAC quarterback Charlie Batch is brought to tears by news a MAC team will play in a BCS bowl:

LA Galaxy are MLS champs. Landon Donovan was more than a bit emotional:

Messing with Deuce is a big mistake.

Cal Poly’s bench as time expired in their win over UCLA:

Dunno but HE IS AMAZING:

BTW, there is snow football on right now.

Saints-Raiders is an especially monochromatic football game:

Cam Newton gave a kid the football. The kid was pretty excited:

Baylor elation.

Here’s @WhereIsEDSBS’s dad on #gameday:

Ahhhhhh Charlie Brown Christmas tree #gameday

Oh, man, one of my favorite #gameday signs of all time:


AFC Wimbledon has a portable tunnel they drag in and out to protect opposing players from being abused:

TCU has a security guard with an amazing haircut

Flagpole head lady on South Park: