Curry, immediately after getting up from the floor after hitting the OT-forcing three

Poor Don. Rich Don.

The ascent of Stan.



That’s a lot of people.

San Jose tifo.

Oladipo shuffleboard

Timbers tifo features a giant 40


Currently on FS2: high school outdoor hockey

Quite the view from CBS

Excited Landocakes

Time again to check in on Robert Kekaula’s shirt:

My cousin-in-law is a Minnesota assistant. Been looking for him all year, finally can screencap him (behind Kill):

Time again to check in on what shirt Robert Kekaula is wearing!


Chris Algieri in the Stony Brook football jersey!

Today’s Robert Kekaula shirt:

All the stands of Rampla Juniors’ stadium are on one side of the pitch, because the Atlantic Ocean is on the other


That’s our pal @melissalyttle’s photo on Fox News just now:

Hard to tell which side of the stadium was Georgia fans

I think that’s @Eve_Edelheit back there


This year’s ATH & PTI costumes

I neglected to bring you a proper Robert Kekaula screencap earlier bc I was pretending to be Cat Stevens

So this is what the NBA Replay Center looks like.



Marshall-FIU featured some LOOOOOOONG shadows.

Your Robert Kekaula attire update:

Meanwhile there is a glorious version of the NLCS game over on FS1:


The people are enthralled

Ole Miss beats Alabama, rushes the field

Carlos Valderrama is hanging out at a Uruguayan League match, & he still has the same hair

Brady Hoke should try this


Ray Guy is in the house, & he looks suave as ever

Brian Randolph has glorious hair

Tom Jones! In the house at the Grand Final

N904DS is the actual tail number of Dan Snyder’s plane

Pretty nice crowd for Miami-UC.

Actual JR actually doing football commentary




Here is a shot of @penlovespaper 17 years ago, covering the Sugar Bowl for the Independent Florida Alligator

That’s our @greghoward88 on Meet The Press

This baseball team has some of the best names I have ever seen

Your man @greghoward88 was on @ABCWorldNews tonight

Can we please have this event in the Summer Olympics?

Here’s the Rays fan in St Louis who boxed out Cards fans so Loney could make the catch. Buy this guy a beer

.@TBRaysTwins & @newspaper_man getting TV time!

Algerian lucha libre mask!

Woman in a Rays jersey & Texas Rangers cap at the Chile-Spain match

Ghana World Cup TV studio set

Iranian TV World Cup coverage set


Rare to ever see anything new in terms of ESPN3 title cards, but here you go

Pure beauty

They’re really into close finishes in Indy Lights.


This smirk is just outstanding

(And yes Don Draper did eventually put the Mets pennant up on his wall)

Mets pennant.

Peter’s keyboard in Office Space is a Macintosh ADB Extended Keyboard II. This is the same keyboard I am using right now

Just trust me that for a local sports broadcast on a 1080i channel, this looks great


Roger Sterling, everybody

ESPN produces its own NCAA national championship broadcast for overseas, which is how we explain this:

My city looks pretty nice on TV today, though

.@ballybasketball getting screentime AGAIN! Also @YahooForde

In which I screencap my dad.

We were busy earlier, but we were NOT going to miss one of our last shots at a @ballybasketball screencap

Another @VCUPav sighting!

So this will go down as one of my favorite screencaps ever

Meanwhile in another NCAA tournament: OCTOBOX

Auburn is playing USF in cricket. Where is this happening?

I spy @VCUPav

NC Central coach LeVelle Moton, who played for the Eagles, in tears as time winds down in their MEAC championship

Here is the final frame from the last program broadcast out of NBC’s historic Burbank studios:

This is actually kind of interesting. Academy Award presenter cheat sheet includes detailed pronunciation guide

Fired up the PSX tonight, had totally forgotten I own this very relevant game!

France has master the quadbox.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis pose for their official Grammy photo:

Doubt I’ll post a better screencap than this tonight.

Our pal @TBTimes_JSmith getting some ESPN facetime, sorta

Hey @JoshElliottABC, you’re a Jeopardy! answer!


And here’s what the “command center” feed looks like. That play button is actually onscreen

“Campus connection” feed shows fans from each team watching live:

Johnny Football with the plaid tie. Needs to tighten up that knot, though

If I was on TV a bunch I’d put a picture of my dad on here too

.@Eve_Edelheit is VERY HAPPY to be covering the Outback Bowl.

And yes, beIN Sport En Español has the Copa del Rey quadbox, RedZone fans:

Megatron snowface

I see ghosts

Colorado beats Kansas, storms the court

I spy @Eve_Edelheit & @willvrag hard at work shooting FSU-UF:

Scripps Hall on CBS ! ! !

Iowa State beats Michigan, storms the court

How big a deal is the NFL in the UK? Sky News is carrying live coverage of the weather at Soldier Field:

BTW, Canada, here’s how CNN is lower-thirding Rob Ford:

Saddest Simpsons opening ever

Rob Ryan & Sean Payton costumes!!!

Your weekly Robert Kekaula screencap (none of the announcers looked at the camera once during this)

CMU-Ohio game hasn’t even kicked off yet & the broadcast has already featured Burrito Buggy:

Extensive offensive lineman coverage: just one of many reasons MNF is better on Deportes

Guys, it’s this time again. I hope you’re all watching with me:

That is an amazing name


Rivera gathers dirt from the Yankee Stadium mound:

This dog is wearing sunglasses.

So this just happened.

The scene at the Costa Concordia is strangely beautiful..

This is the sort of thing I find really helpful & informative but will somehow anger viewers

Is the era of “[SOURCE]” over? Both ESPN & Fox Sports 1 sourcing properly: