Schaub’s brain is not in good shape

2012 September 23 18 28 50

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2 thoughts on “Schaub’s brain is not in good shape

  1. keggertx

    I think so too.

    I hate seeing him cringe in pain every week when he takes a hit. Always grabs his helmet.

    Hopefully he’s smart enough to know when to stop….if it’s not already past that time….

    Pray for his health!

  2. wayne winsett

    I was at the game. While the hit was excessive, it was not illegal. Shaub’s helmet was not on as tight as it could be and that’s why his ear was bleeding. If you look closely, you’ll see that he wasn’t hit in the head. Calling for ejections seems to be irresponsible journalism to me. Yes it was hard, but if his helmet was on tight, it wouldn’t have twisted and cut his ear.

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