Buck & McCarver are VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE.

2012 April 14 13 5 40

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One thought on “Buck & McCarver are VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE.

  1. totalfan62

    Can someone please explain why Tim McCarver still has this job? What slice of the demographic that watches MLB on FOX finds him acceptable? Seriously, I cannot understand how anyone finds his work enjoyable, entertaining or enlightening.

    If FOX believes he adds to the presentation–in any way–they are woefully out of touch. McCarver quit working years ago. He spews out the same old trite and hackneyed stuff that we’ve heard the last 25+ years. The statistical explosion provided by SABR and other stats geeks has provided new and fresh views of this game we so very much love. McCarver ignores all that information, sits on the sidelines living in the past, and saying incredibly stupid things like “social media is the worst thing ever”.

    McCarver is 70 yrs old, tired and way past his prime. There are dozens of knowledgeable and interestng analysts within MLB broadcasting that would be significant upgrades. The fact that FOX chooses not to make this change will continue to erode their ratings.

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