WHOA! That’s some targeted trolling

2011 December 25 21 32 50

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49 thoughts on “WHOA! That’s some targeted trolling

      1. victoria

        You are so wrong!!!! She is standing up for herself and its an awesome way to get back at him. Your probably one of those moron females that would stat him him maybe even give up your ticket so his other girl friend could go. You make me ashamed of our sex.

    1. Babs

      No she is not ugly! Your jealous and she is right on!! way to go girl! I am thrilled that she got her word out and I bet he wishes he was at that game!! Cheaters always lose in the end!

    2. Tubular T

      Really?!? Woof?!? I don’t think so. She is attractive on several levels not the least of which is her obvious self confidence, good sense of humor, strong spirit and sweet smile.

    3. Tangarine

      Wow. You must be the whore that was fuckin him! You sound like you seriously lack intelligence! Even if you aren’t the whore that was giving it up, you’ll regret those words one day soon when you aren’t so prime anymore, and it will bother you more than it does most people because you’re so shallow! Bitches like you always end up the least happy in life!

      1. Tangarine

        Joan, you must be a miserable person! And drasim too! She was very classy Andy smart with the way she handled her situation! And not ugly at all! Joan, one of these days, you will br cheated on by someone that you care enough about to buy Packers tickets forand you will DESERVE IT! Hahaha

  1. stan

    he obviously didn’t care to be with her, can’t say that I blame him. right on bro…
    so when the game is over, she still will be without the boyfriend, (probably on the couch having fun)!

    1. Kevin Richardson

      That is definitely not her fault for trusting such a bum in the first place. I think it would have been nice to get her number though… she’s cute ! I am sure she could find someone better with all the publicity she got from her sign ! ! Good luck miss ! You’re gonna need it to shake off the jerks in your life, but I’m sure you already know how to do that….lmao

  2. Steve

    Of late we seem to be seeing more and more folks who cheat and I think it is time some got called out over their deceit. Cheating is just another form of dishonesty and it seems the outlook that it is okay to shave things is becoming the norm. This may explain some of the anger of people protesting the large banks.

  3. David

    Glad she’s taking the high road LOL.

    Whatever–she’s stuck in traffic on the low road (aka the Narcissist Highway) along with so many others. Try and enjoy the ride, it won’t make you happy btw…

  4. Diane

    I LOVED IT! Thats the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time ! Im not surprised at the stupid comments
    on why she was cheated on etc… this world has gone to H*#^ with the number of cheaters! Not many with
    integrity anymore, they all think its ok…? I wish her the best! and he sure wasnt in that category!

    1. mccloud527

      mccloud524 December 26, 2011 at 8:47pm

      people the lady dont look bad at all and she has tickets too the packers game that them alone tell me she”s a keeper if you know anything about getting tickets to the packers and now that they have home field advantage means more gamesw

  5. Nick

    It’s sad how much hate there is in some of these comments. Stop worrying and criticizing other people, it will not make you a better person. People over-think way too much – worry about your lives.

  6. ladyvamp

    This young lady was nice not to put his name. She can go online and trash him if she wants to. Who needs a cheater? They are on every corner. And for those of you that want to poke fun at her looks, you know she looks fine. You should go look in the miror.

  7. Djtrip

    The only people that r gunna sit on here n talk trash about that woman r most likely holding a guilty conscience themselves. It was hilarious and I give her props, I wish I would thought of that! Good job girl!

  8. bj

    Way to go girl. Cheaters never win in this world. It always catches up to them. No matter what they cheat at. The world has a way of getting you back. Bet this guy is sorry he was on the couch. Nothing like watching your favorite team play the game in real time. This girl is a winner and she will find someone else to share those tickets with. Look she was at the game and I am sure not alone!!

  9. victoria

    Look at all these haters!!! Shame on you and she’s not ugly you must be unhappy fucks to be hating on a beautiful woman standing up for herself. Good for her! Excellent way to get back at him and I’m sure he’s regretting it today.

  10. ellen

    you are it,you did it with class. dont bother with the negitives. it just shows that there are no morales and respect left in this world once acheater and liar always a cheater and liar. just thing what a better woman you are then the girl he was cheating with. If was me i would have put both thier names on it .

  11. janet

    NO ONE deserves to be cheated on, no matter what they look like. And, I agree that she handled the situation with humor and class. Even though looks aren’t the issue here, she has a beautiful smile, and probably is pretty as a picture when she’s dressed up. She’s at a game, mean people!

  12. Boughee1

    What the hell is wrong with you people being so mean? None of you know her. Joan that was just a stupid comment. Feces she does no such thing. Good for her. For the people being mean,disrespectful and down right rude, look for some peace within yourselves. Its really NOT that bad.

  13. aoife

    How old are you, ladies? I would be surprised if you were 25+ years, grown women don’t take a picture like this, put the actual humor and meaning to the side and judge a victim of a cheating loser based on her plain-jane looks. People like you suck the fun out of everything, simple amusing things such as a picture of a woman laughing at her loser ex: SHES AT THE GAME!! I think you guys (excuse me, I mean “ladies”) stared at her face too much and forgot to read the sign to understand the POINT of the post. Grow UP, if you haven’t already!

  14. MJKnight

    Kind of a cute face, nice smile…but maybe her vajayjay has some foul odeer…like cheese some stale wisconsin cheddar, reason for looking for something fresh. 🙂

  15. «Angie»

    I think that some people are being too judgemental. Nowadays women and men as well are expected to look like supermodels all the time, it’s a shame. We’re not allowed to be natural anymore. She’s not ugly and if you can’t see that, then keep living in your fake dolled up world. One day you will wake up and see the reality.

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