Image that defines a season: USF

2011 December 1 23 46 40

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5 thoughts on “Image that defines a season: USF

  1. Jon

    What a shame, she never had to endure a full season of football. I don’t think she has any right to make such a gesture to the players who stuck it out and played till the last game. It would be a real shame if she is on the squad still, and has to pretend to cheer for a “loser” team. Please take her off the cheerleading team permanently.

      1. Sherrie

        Seeing it live, it definitely looked like she was making a symbol, but I couldn’t tell what. She was glaring at someone, directly, and making a very purposeful movement. I agree though, IF she was trying to make the “loser” symbol…she failed miserably.

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