2011 September 18 23 0 10

2011 September 18 23 0 10

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One thought on “2011 September 18 23 0 10

  1. MR C

    Who is this Chris Chase?
    This clown writes about Michael Vick being “that cocksure braggadocio”, well I think you are nothing but a presumptously prejudicial jackass. You fool and others like you wait for nothing else but to make a story out of your unforgiveness Vick’s two year unjust sentence,. A sentence for which he has served time and stood as a man to rehabilitate himself. You are also so dam jealous for the fact that redemption came to him as a quarter back and recovered much of the money he lost before. Suck it up you stupid dumb ass. I’m sick of guys like you.
    The quarter of Pittsburg did not serve time for his atrocities, as is so many others, why the hell you don’t allow Michael Vick to play a game that you can’t play.
    This man got hurt and that partial crowd was booing him. He entertained them well when he was there, there was no reason for them to boo, and all he did was answered by pointing to the scoreboard (we don’t even know if that was the message ge was sending to them). You assumed that as was the announcers of the game, but if so what’s wrong with that. It was a competitive gesture, it’s a game.
    The statements in your article tells me that you are still seething in your anger of Vick’s past mistake. “For all the improvements Vick and the various sycophants who blindly defend him say he’s made, one thing he hasn’t changed is that cocksure braggadocio.”
    Thank God that big mouths like you DO NOT have any influence on the general public. Your stupid article will not be a forerunner.

    Remember this “It is human to err but divine to forgive”, get your heart right, so your articles can be unbiased and not prejudiced with personal malice.

    A despiser of evil people as you.

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