2011 March 20 21 2 43

2011 March 20 21 2 43

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16 thoughts on “2011 March 20 21 2 43

    1. Tony

      It doesn’t matter what YOU count, it matters how the ref counted it. He handed the ball to the Texas player and then the ref’s arm went out four times as he counted. Texas got screwed

    1. Dj Venom

      Even if it did take 5.3 seconds, which it didn’t. You have to give the benefit of the doubt to the inbounding teams since you are relying on waving your arm rather then an official timepiece. Also, does anyone remember a team ever being called for a 5 second violation at such a crucial time when they have a timeout to use and they clearly signal for a timeout. This is inconsistent at best and borderline criminal. I get 4.7 seconds on my phone’s stopwatch from the time he is handed the ball. That was a bogus block call for the “and one” and Texas was fouled at least 3 times on their final posession.

  1. basketball fan

    you go by the refs hand. which only counts to 4 timeout should have been awarded bad call. they have to use their hands to give everyone their count

    1. sensei burda

      In the past, the rule was that you could not request a time out on an inbound play between the 4 second count and 5 second count. I am not award that the rule was ever changed. (This was the case in the 1980’s and at least in to the 1990’s.)

      The Texas player had up to 4 seconds to either inbound the ball or request time out, or, up to 5 seconds to inbound the ball. He could not request time out after 4 seconds and did not inbound by 5 seconds, so the ball was turned over.

      So, I believe it was the correct call and was surprised that the TV crew did not know the rule, especially the on air coaches, and the former players.

  2. joe hick

    I’ve reff’ed for 14 years. I timed it to on my droid. Start it when the ref hands the ball and stop it when the player signals the timeout. Every time was slightly below 5 seconds. Plus, the ref would have blown his whistle at the 5 second count; the timeout signal occurred BEFORE the ref’s whistle.


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